Community Assembly Organizing Meeting - Saturday February 11 2012

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Community Assembly Organizing Meeting - Saturday February 11 2012


Community Assembly Organizing Meeting
Saturday February 11 2012, First Unitarian Church, Channing Room (inside Eliot Chapel) - 1011 SW 12th Avenue (between SW Salmon Street & SW Main Street), Downtown Portland
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Occupy Portland’s Labor Solidarity Committee invites all people to help us organize a Community Assembly to create a “People’s Budget” that works for all of us. We’re meeting this Saturday at Noon at the 1st Unitarian Church (Eliot Chapel’s “Channing Room”) to discuss strategic outreach for labor, community groups, and Occupy, while also talking about visions of how the Community Assembly itself could be organized, amongst other things.

Our intention is to launch a campaign and action plan to achieve a city budget and spending proposal that addresses the primary concerns we all share, such as jobs, no cuts to services, housing, transportation, health care, education, etc. We plan to outreach to labor unions, community groups, Occupy, and the broader 99% to join us in a fightback against the planned city cuts to essential services, while putting forth a budget for the 99%.

Draft Agenda
1. Introductions (5 min)
2. Process for our meetings (10 min)
3. Check in with Committees (10 min)
- Brief reports so new people can learn what committees are and what they are doing. Keep it short!
4. Outreach (50 min)
- Discuss/approve documents for outreach.
- Brainstorm/discuss goals of the CA—what are we going to tell people about our goals when we invite them?
Outreach Plan
List of groups? What are our goals for participation? How many groups? How many people?
5. Set exact times for event (set up, program, party, cleanup) (15 min)
6. Establish a media/communication committee (15 min)
7. Establish a logistics committee to plan the event (10 min)
8. Check out/evaluation (5 min)

Other details
Links To Relevant Documents

Our initial "call to action" invitation letter.
This document contains DRAFT proposals that began with suggestions and ideas that emerged during inaugural meeting to plan for a Community Assembly Meeting for a People’s Budget, which took place on Thursday, January 26, 2012 in Portland, Oregon.
Contact Us

Group Homepage:
Group Email: peoples-assembly -AT- googlegroups -DOT- com
Info Page on Community Assembly to Create a People’s Budget

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