Labor Solidarity March 10 26 2011

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Labor Solidarity March - March Together with Occupy Portland!!

Occupy Portland Labor March


Assemble at Director Park at 5 p.m. and at 6 p.m we will march downtown in a show of solidarity.
We will march past the Occupation at Chapman Square and end at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Organized labor is coming together to support the Occupy Portland movement. Oregon AFSCME leadership encourages your participation as we partner with the Oregon AFL-CIO, Jobs with Justice and others.

Occupy Portland is made up of real Americans pulling together to hold big banks and multinational corporations accountable for the financial crisis we all face.

Looking for more background information to better understand the ‘Occupy’ movement?

Please visit their webpage

Occupy Portland in peaceful solidarity with OWS

Remind everyone that the 99% are not just the representatives standing our ground in parks and empty lots across Oregon and the nation. Join the Oregon AFL-CIO, AFSCME, Laborers', and more unions for sure to come. The WE ARE OREGON drum core will also be there to put a beat to our steps!

LABOR won't stand for corporatization of our communities - not on Wall Street and not in the City of Portland! GOOD jobs, NOT CUTS!