Laurelhurst Park

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File:Laurelhurst Park sign.JPG
Sign for the park in 2011

Laurelhurst Park is located in the Laurelhurst neighborhood. Almost 27 acres in size, the park is located at SE César E. Chávez Boulevard and SE Stark Street. The centerpiece of the park is a large pond.

Amenities include a basketball court, disabled access play area, disabled access restroom, dog off-leash area, historical site, horseshoe pit, picnic sites, playground, soccer field, stage, tennis and volleyball courts.


The land that Laurelhurst Park sits on was originally owned by William S. Ladd as part of his Hazel Fern Farm. The city acquired 30 acres of land in 1911. At this time, the pond was a natural spring-fed pond. The park was designed in 1912 by Portland parks superintendent Emanuel Mische. In February 2001 in February 2001, the park was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, becoming the first city park to be listed on the national register.

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