Occupy Martin Luther King Junior Day - Monday 16 January 2012

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Occupy Martin Luther King Junior Day


  • Date: Monday 16 January 2012


Re-Occupy Public Space
A Modest Proposal for a Coordinated Effort in Honor of MLK Day

January’s economic news and reality will dramatize the continued need for our occupations. Let’s continue to talk and introduce some of these ideas at the next General Assembly:

  1. Organize a campaign of Re-Occupation during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, arriving first with paintings and other “images” of tents to challenge the logic of restrictions against tents, in addition to all other types of culture-jamming actions.
  2. Continue the global dialogue seeking a transition from the current failed political and economic system to a post-capitalist “real” democratic future.
  3. Strengthen inter-occupation communication of ideas, solutions, and calls for global days of action.
  4. Consider adopting some simple guidelines such as a dedication to nonviolence, that the food is free for everyone without restriction, that decisions will be make by consensus at the General Assembly, and that drugs and alcohol are not to be consumed at the occupation.
  5. Encourage local officials to end their efforts to drive the occupations and tents off public space with petitions, meetings, participation in public hearings, and all other nonviolent actions. Remind city officials that the UN and other international organizations support our right to continue these very important occupations.

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