Occupy Solidarity Social Forum Feb. 18/19th

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Occupy Solidarity Social Forum


  • Date: Feb. 18/19th
  • Time: 8:00 AM
  • Location: Washington State Capitol lawn + Evergreen College, Olympia, WA.
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Occupy Olympia (WA) and the Alliance for Global Justice are hosting an Occupy Solidarity Social Forum Feb. 18-19 in the Washington state capital city.

The self-organized, social forum-type gathering is open to all occupiers and allies. (Read more at http://afgj.org/?p=1891)

Heard about Occupy Solidarity Social Forum (OSSF)?

Not the US Social Forum but inspired by the format, what the OSSF is is a smaller Occupy Wall Street conference to be held in Olympia, WA.

February 18th and 19th, Occupy Olympia is hosting the weekend of events, forums, actions, workshops and strategy sessions on and for the 99% movement.

This will be a mostly regional audience but the OSSF is being co-sponsored by the Alliance For Global Justice who is reaching out to Occupy organizations all over the US and encouraging their participation.

We think that Olympia, between the two power houses of Occupy Portland and Occupy Seattle, will be a good meeting place to have a face to face conversation that moves us towards next steps.

Other details
I want you to present a workshop at the OSSF. Register your workshop!

February 18th and 19th is not far away, fortunately there are plenty in the northwest with skills and knowledge to share.

This is the first national face to face since the Occupy movement began, we think that it will be a chance to develop the movement during a time when most encampments have gone and the winter weather has slowed us down.

This is a chance for trainings and meetings that can help make the whole stronger and weave together the strands of the movement into a cohesive fabric. This is a chance for you to get your message out to the rest of the country and build your network.

So please take the time to register as a participant and give some thought towards a workshop, training or facilitating a discussion. If you would like to table during the event please let me know.


Bruce Wilkinson



Occupy Olympia member

Alliance For Global Justice Board Member