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Online Ad Campaign

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Occupy Portland's Media Coalition is launching an online ad that focuses on the burden of debt weighing down on the 99% and how the big bank's promotion of individual debt is destroying our economy, jobs and America’s future.

Why an online campaign?

After months of coordinating and promoting actions and events to explain the mission of the Occupy phenomenon via local media venues, we are gearing up to take our message to audiences in a more direct and proactive fashion. The limited scope those venues have offered to date leave room for us to initiate and circulate messaging of our own design and more reflective of our objectives.

An online spot also gives viewers the opportunity to learn more and get involved by driving them to which will provide updated calls to action.

Why do we need your support?

The key challenge to the Occupy movement is to transition from protest encampments to a larger movement that attracts and activates a far greater proportion of the 99%

Portland is perhaps the best place in the nation to start and succeed at that transition. With an established tradition of progressive political engagement in the city, the initial Occupation stirred a response from many community networks.

Airing this spot will serve several purposes
The Occupy movement is at a critical juncture: we will either move to the next level of organization and activism or die.

Airing this spot in the Portland market is an extremely cost-effective strategy, both to move the cause forward and to provide a national model of how to harness and activate the latent frustration of the 99%.

With the eviction of the encampment this spot will provide a vehicle to disseminate our message

It focuses the message in an area very relevant to the day to day lives and concerns of a broad range of the population.

Who are we?

Occupy Portland Media Coalition is group of independent media makers covering the Portland occupation from within. We have been creating and collecting original content from before the October 6th occupation when we joined together to form the OPDX media production work group.

We have been documenting events within the encampment and on direct actions throughout the city along with our coalition members on livestreaming, the Portland Occupier liveblog and photographers.

A crew of us have produced a video briefly highlighting the impact of inequity as a result of debt, estimated at $7,800 per person. Given the rising numbers in unemployment and stagnant wages against the backdrop of increasing costs for day to day expenditures, the 99% say to the big banks who have wreaked such havoc on our economy, “Enough is enough.”

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