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Revamping website currently, moving to Drupal, 4000 pages to 400 pages, liked idea of having a place for esoteric content to go.
Programatic ideas include having events at local library branches
Will help with social media push for WikiBirthday - didn't immediately see a way to market WikiBirthday as a local happening.
Jeremy is completely web savvy and we should keep in touch with him, on twitter or facebook?

Non meeting notes

Clear that we need a systems administrator
SEO issues need to be corrected
Meet with BrainSilo to see if there is any synergy there. Need to go and just be in the space.
Radical librarians
We should use twitter and facebook more for PortlandWiki opportunities to collaborate

Topics to cover

  1. What PortlandWiki is: brief presentation
    Portland Wiki is a repository of knowledge for the Portland Metro area. Our aim is to represent the Voice of Portland by providing a citizen-generated news, information resource, knowledge hub and historical archive for Portland, Oregon and surrounding region.
  2. Possibilities for partnering with library
    • Community-library portal that anyone can update
      • library events (like Occupy Portland Events)
      • library news (original or automatically pulled from Twitter feeds, RSS feeds, etc)
      • map/listing of all branches
      • neighborhood-based information and links
      • staff and patrons alike could update and edit all content, fostering better communication
    • Library could turn to PortlandWiki administrators for any of their wiki questions and needs, we have knowledge and expertise
    • Could use PortlandWiki as a platform for collaborative editing as an educational tool
    • Could use PortlandWiki as a platform for any documentation or document building that needs to be open to public input
  3. Hosting (if it comes up)
    • As a volunteer-driven, open community resource, PortlandWiki could be a great match with the library system, together with hosting.
    • Examples and experiences of other civic wikis that have been hosted by their local library system (ArborWiki & CantonWiki)
      • Mark Dilley has been in contact with admins from both of these civic wikis. They continue to be physically hosted by the libraries and they have informal agreements that include: should the libraries choose at some point to not host the wikis, they will be given back to the community. At this time, it feels to those parties that the natural fit for their public space civic wikis remains with the libraries.
    • Server requirements (Dave) -- See: PortlandWiki:Hosting

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In collaboration with library branches in all city quadrants, PortlandWiki can offer citizens active in neighborhood organizations a platform for freely documenting information relevant to their neighborhoods.