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STOP ACTA ! Worldwide protest


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  • Date: Saturday, February 11, 2012
  • Time: 2:00pm until 5:00pm
  • Location: TBA
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Global call to action to defend freedom of the Internet.

ACTA (Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), an agreement that threatens the freedom of internet.

This agreement aims to formally protect intellectual property internationally. So far so good .. But the term "intellectual property" is deliberately vague. It may refer to trademarks, ideas or information. ACTA should therefore address the imitation of something subject to copyright. Suffice it to share copyrighted information to see his bail removed and internet access to prosecution.

To verify that you trade any content submitted to copyright, ACTA will strengthen surveillance.

The internet service providers should verify all data sent and received on your computer. Suffice it to cite a newspaper article in an email or send a piece of music to be taken by hand in the bag. The information will be sent to the author and you can bail at the request of a fine or prison sentence.

The agreement benefits only a fraction of industrial companies such as RIAA and MPAA (inter-professional associations representing the interests of the music industry and film).

ACTA is the result of their lobbying of governments.

A new democracy is baffouée and these are agreements for internet freedom-that we might be imposed by the unelected. This censorship could also permit to remove embarrassing information as is already the case in some countries where it blocks access to certain content, keywords or websites.

The only solution is the mobilization of everyone in the rallies planned for Saturday, Feb. 11 to say no to
  • Seeds copyrighted Prohibitions-generic
  • Internet censorship;
  • Restriction on freedom of expression;
  • Total monitoring of all our online activities;
  • Loss of liberties and civil rights;
  • Loss of internet connection for those who violate the new rules.

This law is not just computers, it will give full powers to companies like Monsento on agriculture ...

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