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t-shirts Portland110:10, 16 April 2013
Occupy Portland City Council meeting?101:16, 23 December 2011
What is up with the office?221:20, 18 December 2011
Occupy the VOTE121:48, 16 December 2011
Page Titles700:35, 18 November 2011
what is going to happen?115:32, 14 November 2011
Categories013:57, 4 October 2011

t-shirts Portland

We are looking to set up a monthly meeting to discuss screen printing issues in Portland. Please let us know if there is any interest in joining this group?

Portland screen printing (talk)09:14, 5 April 2013

I'm not interested in screenprinting but I think a monthly meetup is a good idea! You're welcome to set up a Screenprinting page on PortlandWiki to publicize your group. might also be a useful resource.

kotra (talk)10:10, 16 April 2013

Occupy Portland City Council meeting?

A friend of mine called 2 weeks ago, saying there would be an Occupy the City Council. The purpose is/was supposed to be to get the City to Move Their Money. Does anyone know when/if this is going to happen? I am/was planning to go to this Occupation -- has it already happened, or what?

Flowerbells (talk)17:11, 19 December 2011

I have asked around, but haven't been able to find any definitive information about this yet. Best,

MarkDilley01:16, 23 December 2011

What is up with the office?

Kat Wyn has posted on the Occupy forum that the office will open Monday. She has asked for in-kind donations. Yet there is not a word on here or the Occupy website about it. My recollection is that the GAs decision was that it would be funded with a separate button on OP, but there is none. I have enquired of Kat, but she doesn't answer. Is this another Viani? Waht's the story?, 18 December 2011

okay, it's now been posted to OP., 18 December 2011

Can you add a link to the post?

MarkDilley21:20, 18 December 2011

Occupy the VOTE

Again in the Republican states the 99% are having their rights stripped from them by the FILTHY rich. Is there a way to get momentum going in those states so that Occupiers can help the poor, elderly, and disabled get what they need to vote. Contributions can be made from all over the country. 5 million voters that's 63% of the electorate will have their voting rights stripped from them. Governor Rick Scott is questioning the constitutionality of the Civil Rights Voting Act of 1965! I know you are trying to stay non-political but this goes way beyond politics! Thank you, Patricia Burns, 16 December 2011

Looks like there's a wonderful opportunity to organize voter registration and get-to-the-voting-booth drives! Especially after ACORN was set up and done in by a right-wing, thuggish hit team a couple of years back. We expect great things from you, Patricia Burns!

WikiMaster (talk)21:48, 16 December 2011

Page Titles

Hi all, Is there a way to change the title of a page without creating a whole new one? I haven't found any information on how that would be done. Thanks, Tiff

Tiff10:41, 8 November 2011

Hi. Just a little update. I figured out how to substitute the page title. :) Is that the only way to change it (or make it look changed anyway)? Thanks

Tiff11:09, 8 November 2011

Tiff, what about moving the page to the new page title you want? Best,

MarkDilley16:14, 8 November 2011

to clarify, there is a tool called "Move" which will rename a page You can find it at the top of the page under a down arrow next to the search box. If you don't see it under there, just let an administrator (like me or Mark) know what page you want to move/rename, and we'll gladly do it for you.

kotra (talk)20:13, 9 November 2011

Thanks so much. I will check that out. I had been just renaming pages when something needed to be changed but I didn't want to have a bunch of unfinished or irrelevant pages floating around if there was a way to prevent it. :)

Tiff21:19, 11 November 2011

Tiff, that is what the move function does, it leaves a redirect for anyone that has linked to that page so they will automatically arrive at the correct location. Best,

MarkDilley15:27, 14 November 2011

Thanks for getting back to me. I will have to hold that thought though. I can't check it right now but I absolutely will soon. Just didn't want you to think that I was ignoring you. hehe

Tiff20:26, 16 November 2011

no worries, one of the things I love about wiki is that Wiki is slow. Kinda odd in this face paced interweb we have! Best,

MarkDilley00:35, 18 November 2011

what is going to happen?

O.K. you have occupied the parks? you hooed and hawed and so on,.. has anything been accomplished realy? no,.this is War,.,and we are the,.,meek,., they have all that and more, keepng the movement alive is paramount,.do not be fooled by their lack of action too yhs ponint. so,.,what now??? are strength wll only prevale n our #s,..ther attack will be divide and conquer, with corprate media playdown,. blackout,.,we must establish a secure and open form of communication,.,demand our own press, a secton of every major newspapper in the countrey.,.start small ,.,we must be heard .,we have too have a voice,the more we beleve n ourselves ,the more they will be forced too accept that we are a legitimate movement.,and so on.,Civil Disobediance.,,. i may not be able to spell it but I damn sure know how to do it,.,.words ,.,words,., words,.,. we need 's them yes,.,yes ,. we shure could use a Jefferson ,.now,.,more later,.,.,Kev,. the Hammer, 11 November 2011

Kev, from my view, there are 1000's of people doing lots of different things, take a look at the OccupyPortlandEvents calendar. Jump in and try to help build your ideas. They are great! Best,

MarkDilley15:32, 14 November 2011


Create one category for cannabis and marijuana

Create a main category "Neighborhood," and place existing neighborhood categories named by street intersections and areas under it.

PDXsays (talk)13:56, 4 October 2011