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The holiday charity telethon, 30 Hour Day, is Friday Dec 18th-19th. Participation is by telecast over Skype, etc. This page is to list the "real-world" meetups surrounding 30 Hour Day.

  • Dec 18th 4pm Beer and Blog at the Green Dragon
  • Dec 19th 4am Whiffies Pie Eating Contest at ? (is this a public event?)

Telecast schedule from 30 Hour Day

4–6PM - Kick off, Beer & Blog with Brian Westbrook, a Remote with Tara Hunt, chat time with some of the charities we’re raising funds for, the Get Naked for a Cause Auction item, and of course the 30 Hour Day Tree Trimming!

6-7 PM – Our pre-recorded interview with Mayor Sam Adams, a chat with Rick & Cami about the magic behind 30 Hour day and music from One Moment

7-8 PM – A live recording for the Cort & Fatboy podcast with guest Mike Russel, we welcome the 30 Hour Day house band for the night Target for Tomorrow and the Horns of Destruction and check in with Brian Westbrook at peacock lane for a very bagpipe musical moment.

8-10 PM – A live recording of PDXSucks Afterhours .

10-11:30 PM – Live recording of Strange Love Live with guests Courtenay Hameister, Renny Gleeson, Amy Sample Ward, Marie Deatherage, Locket 2 You, and more with Target For Tomorrow and the Horns of Destruction.

11:30 PM–1 AM: Will Radik’s 7th Planet Picture Show Presents: ‘A Christmas Without Snow’. Watch as Will, Rick and Cami comment, wise crack and have a ball with a really bad movie for your viewing pleasure.

1–3 AM – Mugasha presents some of their favorite up and coming DJs from the world of electronica, Curtis Chen will join us for some classic Christmas readings and we’ll have some viewer generated content from around the world!

3–4 AM - Improv Games! Inspired by classic ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway’ we’ll have an hour filled with party games and improve with MeaganKate, Brian Westbrook, Rick and Cami! Then Double Trouble: Join host Rick Turoczy for a brain busting 30 minute game show!

4–5 AM – It’s everybody’s favorite pie purveyor Gregg Abott from Whiffies! Watch a Pie Champ competition from the comfort of your browser. Can anyone eat more than 9 pies and a bite?

5–6 AM – A live recording of memePDX. Sure it’s only a 20 minute show, but since it normally takes us 3 hours to get that 20 minutes it’s going to be fun to see what we can do with only an hour.

6-8:30 AM - Good morning 30 hour day

8:30-9:30AM – Be dazzled by the mad breakfast making skills of Pete Grillo and Scott Kveton! Watch everyone perk up as the sun rises through the PIE Windows. See the miracle that is crew change as our early bird volunteers drift in for their shift

9:30–10:30 AM – Tech Talk with Nate Angell and Morgan Senkal. Call in and ask them your tech questions. You can skype them at ThirtyHourDay!

10:30–11AM – We have a talk with Brad Smith of WebVisions 10 and then watch the winner’s of the most recent Portland Presentation Karaoke event.

11 AM–6 PM – The insanity starts! Keep your eyes peeled for a 7 hour variety show with: Curious Comedy Theater, Virginia Jones, Sound Semantics, Abundant Artist, Literate Simpletons, Randome Players, Red Eye Soul Tribe, Whitney Streed, Dennis Williams, Deanna Maio, Kelley Shannon & John Stowell, Pete Krebs Trio Daryl Lee, Bridget & the ReGifters, No Good Jones, Aaron Wiess on the piano, and of course a moment or two with Rick and Cami.

6-7 PM – Talking food and wine with Ryan Snyder and Foodgeeks & Winegeeks!

7–7:30 PM: Join us with the Back Fence PDX babes Melissa Lion and Frayn Masters as they present stories from Riley Michael Parker & Dave Jareki for your viewing pleasure.

7:30–8 PM: It time to wrap this thing up and put a bow on it. Join Rick and Cami as they take a look back at what the last day + has been like . They’ll be joined by crew and caster members, volunteers and guest Don Bourassa of Yelp Portland.

8–10 PM: Want to see someone laugh and cry in the same breath? Want to watch as Stephanie Stricklen tries her best to hold Rick and Cami together as they attempt to survive the last two hours? Sure you do! This is the make or break moment. Find out how much goodwill we’ve managed to spread and witness the spectacle that is the end of 6 weeks of tireless effort. Countdown our last moments on air before we got home to our loved ones (assuming they still want us) and sleep for 2 days straight.