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Burning Man is an art & culture festival that occurs every year in the Northern Nevada desert every September. It's core set of values is an open judgment free environment, thus exists the presence of nudity, public sex, and extensive theatrics. It is for this reason, that it has a slightly dubious reputation among conservative culture.

Participants who have attended Burning Man, and who agree philosophically are sometimes called 'Burners'. Burners tend to also be actively preparing or supporting efforts for the following event.

Since the event exists in such a remote location, the preparation and attendance to the event can be quite extensive. It involves a complex set of wilderness survival skills remain healthy. Food and hygiene needs are difficult at best, leading to most participants to form small groups in order to camp together and share talents and resources in a communal way. Often these camps can evolve into providing a wider service to participants.

Theme Camps

Though most theme camps tend to exist only for a single year, there have been some theme camps that have survived in one form or the other.

Some enduring Theme Camps:

  • Temple of Pain
  • Pancake Coral
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Costco Soul mates

Local Chapters

As a natural evolution, the Burning Man culture and burner culture over the years have spread into local chapters of the event. The local chapters tend to be connected only by topic to the Burning Man organization (aka the Borg). Liabilities is one reason for this. Nevertheless, most chapters tend to have some common traits.

Burning Man Local Chapter traits

  • Social support for survival and preparation
  • Drinks and socials
  • Theme camp fund raising events
  • Local art shows and exhibits

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