Labor Outreach Committee Meeting 18 November 2011

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Labor Outreach Committee/Labor Solidarity Committee Meeting


  • Date: Friday, 18 November 2011
  • Time: 5:30-6:45 p.m.
  • Location: First Unitarian Church, 12th & Main Downtown Portland - Map
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Suggested Agenda:

1) Debrief 11/17 (10m)
2) "Formalize" Committee, brief discussion (10m)
...title, sign up sheets, immediate and longer term goals?
3) Outreach work/next steps ideas (20m)
4) Participating in the GA & Spokescouncils (20m)
5) Announcements

People should come prepared to speak about these things and also help tighten up this agenda. :) If there are documents, resolutions, links, etc. you would like other committee members to see, please forward them to the list.

Join a committee and get to assembling...

We are on the way towards the biggest May Day yet!

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