Metal Squirt Guns

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Metal Squirt Gun Show.jpg

This is a very colorful display that will be of interest to old and young.

Metal Squirt guns are actually rather common but the art of collecting them is not. Dean T. Fletcher has collected metal squirt guns for over 25 years and has accumlated the largest collection known to exist in the world. Metal squirt guns date back at least to the late 1800's and were often sold and used as a means of self defense (using Ammonia.) Metal squirt guns have been produced around the world with most examples coming from Japan. They have also been produced in large numbers in the U.S., Great Britian, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and are even being produced today in China.

Every known type is represented in this display. Some of the beautiful artwork from the boxes have been reproduced on large posters, to be fully appreciated.

The world's largest display of Metal Squirt Guns was on display at Sunland Lighting for the month of August 2010.