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For more info and details: http://occupyportland.org/2011/11/11/open-invitation-occu-fest/


PORTLAND, ORE.– Occupy Portland is responding to the Mayor’s threat of eviction on Saturday night, November 12 and 13, by throwing a Potluck Dinner: a family-friendly event with music and celebration for the entire city. Affinity groups will lead neighborhoods in marches beginning around 2 PM converging on the Occupation from about 5 PM. At least one group is coming from Seattle. There were announcements of support from local and regional groups. The purpose of the Occupy potluck is to bring a significant mass of people together in solidarity with the nonviolent, humanitarian goals of Occupy.

General Assembly calls for action

Energy at the General Assembly on Thursday night was high, and attendance was sharply up. Observers say between 200 and 300 were in attendance. Volunteer facilitator Adriane said the only larger General Assemblies have been in the first week of the Occupation. Many speakers voiced a belief that the movement is growing stronger, that the threatened eviction will bring more energy into the movement, and that a continuing public presence is necessary to provide a place for people to meet and to make visible the systemic problems that corporatism has long kept invisible.

After the emergency GA held in front of City Hall at noon, working groups prepared lists of actions that people can take before and after the eviction date. Most of the ideas put forward include the importance of gathering the largest crowd Occupy Portland has yet seen, united in peace, united in support for the 99% whose interests have not been served by corporatism, by war, and by the concentration of wealth in the hands of the very few.

Action envisioned

Food: empanadas, pizza, cake, locally-grown fruits and vegetables]

  • Music: guitars, drums, shakers, singalongs and dancing all night long
  • More signs: creative signs, funny signs, home-made signs with memorable slogans;

playful costumes (warm and fuzzy ones, bunny suits, Portland at its weird and wonderful best)

Adriane reminded the assembly that as always, in Occupy events, “Whatever the whole group decides, everyone can go with whatever feels right to them, so long as it’s peaceful and nonviolent.”

Occupy Saturday!

  • 4:00pm—Feeder marches from neighborhoods start heading towards Pioneer Square. Rally with your friends and start your own march from your neighborhood. If you’re not comfortable getting a permit or don’t feel safe walking in the streets, you can always march by bike (as biking in the road is perfectly legal).
  • 5:00pm—Rally at Pioneer Square. If you’ve been following the Occupation’s actions, you’ve probably rallied at Pioneer Square. We’re expecting thousands to take the square, as usual.

6:00pm—Occupotluck! This family friendly potluck invites you to bring a dish to share (am a mess kit to eat out of). As always, we encourage a diversity of food types (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, et cetera) and knowing the ingredients of your dish. Please, do not bring any alcohol or illegal activities to our family-friendly event in a public park.

  • 8:00pm—FREE concert at Terry Schrunk Plaza featuring musicians from across the country in celebration of freedom and community!
  • 12:01am—Sit-in, bike-around and stand up in Chapman and Lownsdale Parks generally demonstrating our right to non-violently assemble. If you’re able to make it down for any part of Saturday, please come after midnight. It might be a cold and long night, so come with prepared and well rested.

~*Special guest: The Portland Police Bureau*~

~*Featured Guests:other neighboring law enforcement agencies*~

Preparing for Saturday Night

Before Saturday night, those who have valuables in the Occupied parks are urged to secure them and to move them off-site. Coalitions of local labor groups and some local churches are offering transportation and storage. Friday is a day for clean-up for the potluck. Some voices recommend “leave no trace.”

There were also many ideas concerning actions during and after the planned eviction. Some will sit in wait to be arrested. A training for those who are willing to risk being arrested is offered by the National Lawyer’s Guild at 2 PM on Saturday. Others will provide support for those being arrested. Ideas for after the eviction include the following: outreach to unions, homeless organizations and faith organizations, plans to keep the occupation visible, plans for community events occurring on a regular basis, plans to return to the park and clean it, re-seed the grass, care for the trees, and make the two parks that have been so important to us, more beautiful than they were before the Occupation.