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#REDIRECT [[Occu-Fest]]
#REDIRECT [[Occu-Fest]]
{{Occupy Portland Event
| event name = Occu-Fest (<span class="plainlinks">[  thsi link broken on purpose for admin to fixhttps://twitter.com/#!/ #occufest]</span>)
| page = Occu-Fest  12 November 2011
| date = Saturday, November 12, 2011<br />
Join your Portland friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, clergy, teachers, nurses, bicyclers, musicians, dancers, chefs... you name it at a Festival of Occupation and Celebration of the 99%!<br />
| time =  '''4:00 p.m. -Feeder marches from neighborhoods''' Bring the kids. All Occu-Fest events are family friendly
| location = '''[[Towards Pioneer Square]]'''<br />
| time =  '''5:00 p.m. - Rally at Pioneer Square''' Expect a few thousand of your closest friends.
| location = '''[[Pioneer Square]]'''<br />
| time =  '''6:00 p.m. - Potluck Bring a dish to share (and a mess kit to eat out of)''' Nope - no alcohol or illegal activities to our family-friendly event in a public park!
| location = '''[[Chapman Park]'''<br />
| time = '''8:00 p.m. - FREE concert''' Featuring musicians from across the country in celebration of freedom and community!
| location = '''[[Terry Schrunk Plaza]'''<br />
| time = '''12:01 a.m. Sit-in, bike-around and stand up in''' Generally demonstrating our right to non-violently assemble. If you’re able to make it down for any part of Saturday, please come after midnight. It might be a cold and long night, so come with prepared and well rested.
| location = '''[[Lownsdale |Chapman Parks]]'''<br />
| purpose = Keep Portland Occupied!
| image =
| other details =
'''More Info Soon!'''
| link to more info = http://occupyportland.org/volunteer/
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