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Peace and Justice Works - 10 Years in Afghanastan: End the Wars - Bring Our $$ Home

===March Route===

The march leaves the Park Blocks at Salmon St at 1:30 PM, heads east to SW 1st (World Trade Center), south to Main St, then west toward Broadway. The march will stop at SW 4th and Main to address Occupy Portland. Once at Broadway, it will head south to Clay, west to 12th, and then north to Main St and the First Unitarian Church.


Peace and Justice Works [PJW ], formerly known as Portland Peaceworks, is an Oregon nonprofit corporation whose main purpose is to educate the general public on important issues including but not limited to: peace, justice, the environment, and human rights.

Peace and Justice Works' activities are conducted through Project Groups, also known as affinity groups primarily as an umbrella organization. It disseminates information on the tragedy of military interventions and military spending, builds coalitions among groups whose goals intersect with our own, and particpates in programs initiated by Oregon PeaceWorks (with whom we are affiliated)and various community activities with other peace and justice organizations.

One of thelargest activities is the Peace and Justice Fair, held on Memorial Day (1992- 1995, 1997, 1999) to remember those who gave their lives in war by working toward a world without war.

While Project Groups can (by our bylaws) be created or disbanded from time to time, existing groups at this time are:
(i) Portland Copwatch

(ii) Iraq Affinity Group

(iii) Sarajevo Peace Centre/People's Aid to Former Yugoslavia

(iv) Pentagon Porkbusters

(v) Portland SOA Watchers