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Welcome to PortlandWiki.
The community-powered knowledge commons for Portland, Oregon.

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PortlandWiki is a collaborative community information resource for Portland, Oregon that is powered by you. We welcome your knowledge and creative input! Our aim is to represent the Voice of Portland by providing a citizen-generated news, information resource, knowledge hub and historical archive for Portland, Oregon and surrounding region.

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Featured Articles

Amber Case, one of Fast Company's 2010 Most Influential Women in Technology
Bicyclists are lovers.
  • Bicycling Etiquette - Handy bicyclist tips to win friends and influence motorists.
  • Shelter is a place for people to find refuge from the elements. It is one of the primary components critical to survival for every person: water, food, safety (shelter).
  • Iraq Veterans Against the War - Oregon Chapter - To hell with war, and to its demonic mongers.
  • Cascadia is a proposed independent nation in the Pacific Northwest, usually composed of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, that would be formed by seceding from the United States (and Canada).
  • Cascadia subduction zone , off the Oregon Coast, is home to the Juan De Fuca Ridge, where one tectonic plate moves under another. The Ocean Observatories Initiative landed in Pacific City on July 12th, beginning a new era in oceanography.
  • Green industry - In Portland it's easy being green.
  • Horse rings - The small brass rings attached to curbs don't tether horses anymore... unless they're small plastic ones.
  • Personal Telco - Portland's answer (so far) to "Internet as public utility."
Tiger ring.jpg
  • Yellow Bike Project - (Pictured here in black 'n' white.) A community cycling "first."
  • Charles Olds - Olds shot a man "just to watch him ...uh... succumb from injuries suffered as a result of an act of manslaughter."
  • CivicApps - An open data / open source project sponsored by several Portland-area government agencies.
  • Portlandia - The second largest hammered copper statue in America! (The largest is the Statue of Liberty.)
  • East 82nd Avenue - A major North-South arterial on Portland's Eastside. Gateway to Felony Flats.

Things to see in Portland

Horse spotting! Just one of many fun activities you can do in Portland!


Places to go near Portland

Long Beach, Washington: Convenient Portland getaway and home to the "world's largest frying pan."
Welcome to sunny Portland: "birthplace of Wiki"!

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Gal From McDork
There once was a gal from McDork
When she wanted to drink she pulled cork
Aft' she spent her last ducat
She would reach for her bucket
What she left there you could eat with a fork

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Kotra, Mark and Ward wrangle wild wikis at Backspace Cafe.

Things to do in Portland

Gargle some holy water. Single bowl Benson Bubbler on corner of NW Couch St & NW 18th Ave. Near entrance of Saint Mary's Cathedral, Portland.



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