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Land not jail! Legal camping now!
Right 2 Survive banner demanding the right for people without adequate shelter to legally obtain adequate shelter. Southwest corner of SW 4th Ave. & Washington St.
(The abandoned building is the former home of the Greek Cusina.)
"working to empower the houseless and disenfranchised, and to oppose abuses of power by government"[1]

Right 2 Survive is a Portland-based advocacy organization focused on improving conditions for homeless people, and those who are at risk of losing access to adequate shelter. The group's main focus is on "working to empower the houseless and disenfranchised, and to oppose abuses of power by government." Pointing out that human beings that are denied adequate access to the basic means of self-care suffer deleterious health consequences, both physically and psychologically. Adequate means for self-care includes a stable and adequate dwelling place situated in a stable and hospitable community, proper nutrition and a productive role in the community.


Organizationally, Right 2 Survive recognizes that traditional do-gooder agencies with a mission to serve the homeless community have failed to slow or stop the societal conditions that purposely rob the poor and defenseless to further enrich those who already have more material wealth than they can responsibly use. Instead of simply accommodating the prevailing social, political and economic ideology that views a homeless person as someone who "fell through the cracks," is "down on his or her luck," suffers from a substance abuse problem or a physical or mental health condition or otherwise fails to conform to mainstream values, R2S views the prevailing ideology the root cause of the dysfunction that produces unsheltered people. In that context, R2S prefers direct action to establish ad hoc tent communities and shanty villages in order to quickly provide safe, secure refuge for homeless people, including the adequate medical, meal preparation and sanitation facilities allowing them to care for themselves and each other.

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