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Revision as of 5 October 2011 at 19:38.
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Hi folks,

The Occupation does not begin at noon on Thursday. The march does.

The Occupation will begin after the march, at as yet undisclosed site.

I do not have the knowledge or possible the admin rights to make this edit. Is the banner under categories?

For added community value, we should be sure that what Newbies need to know for the march - like stay on sidewalk, or be arrests; if arrested, do not resist the cuffing and call your name out loud, then shut up - and for the Occupation - bring two mess kits, no paper plates; no structures and that means tents, tarps only, etc - be listed PROMINENTLY on the front page for the first week of occupation, with an updated stream of information.

Do we have a communications model? Is Burning Man is a good model for starts

    PDXsays (talk)12:38, 5 October 2011