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Adding and modifying data

Semantic Forms
Authors First Released Links
Yaron Koren, Stephan Gambke and others May 2007
Semantic Forms allows for the creation of forms to add and edit wiki pages, using the fields within the page's MediaWiki template calls as the fields of the form. All semantic data is meant to be held within templates, and not directly within wiki pages. Templates assign a semantic property to some or (preferably) all of their fields; the type of each semantic property helps determine what sort of input will show up for that field in the form. Data autocompletion is also enabled, as are a variety of other features. Forms can additionally be used for querying the wiki's data.

SMW OntologyEditor
Authors First Released Links
ACTIVE Team STI Innsbruck January 2010
The SMW OntologyEditor is an extension of SemanticMediaWiki and has been developed as part of the ACTIVE project ( in order to enable the development of lightweight ontologies. The focus of the editor is to provide an easy understandable interface to develop ontologies and to ensure consistency of the knowledge base by providing a set of knowledge repair algorithms. The main features are:
  • Development of lightweigth ontologies (vocabularies, categories, properties, elements)
  • Import/Export of OWL/XML files and folksonomies
  • Knowledge repair algorithms (errors, redundancies, inconsistencies)


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