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Welcome to PortlandWiki, the community-powered city wiki for Portland, Oregon. PortlandWiki exists to empower citizens of Greater Portland to connect with each other, and to share knowledge and information relevant to our community. Welcome! -WikiMaster (talk) 10:24, 20 January 2011 (PST)

Nice to see you here Teresa! I hope you weren't waiting for me to create a page on Portland Stategic BroadBand Plan: Connecting Our Future‎, but what you have there looks great! -kotra (talk) 11:21, 20 January 2011 (PST)

external weblinks: wiki structure

Good to be here.
There are a couple of questions:
I am having trouble creating an external web link with the globe icon.
Is there more specific directions and code?
Also, I am not sure I am grasping the architecture and how to apply it.
There are several overarching topics that relate, each a category of it's own that I would think of as deserving a page.
For example, the PDX BB strategy is one topic. They are having a kick-off meeting, but there will be other information and activity around it in the future.
But also, there is the Resolution and how that developed from PDXPLAN and Portland Development Commission and other interacting factors that are also about the broadband, but pages in their own right.
Any place I can go to help understand how to sue the Portland wiki wiki-type most efficiently for community use?
Thanks a bunch!

Hi PDXsays!
Great questions.
You've just pointed to something we PortlandWiki admins should bump up in priority: explaining how PortlandWiki's WYSIWYG[1] page editing tools function, as well as putting together much better help resources for PortlandWiki contributors. Since all of us are volunteers, that might take a bit of time to fully evolve. In the meantime, you might take a peek of our (admittedly rough and rudimentary) Wiki Page Basics page, if you haven't done so already. It isn't much, but it does give you info on structuring a basic PortlandWiki page. You'll also find links to other wiki help resources there.
Gotta say this, though: judging from the contributions you've made so far, you're doing great!!
-WikiMaster (talk) 15:35, 20 January 2011 (PST)
Also Teresa to address your specific issue, external links are constructed by inputting [ + the url + space + the text you want to link + ]. So, using the example text the globe icon creates, [ link title] could be formatted as [ Big Brother], which would result in the following link: Big Brother.
Regarding creating new pages, we don't have hard-and-fast rules about how things should specifically be structured, so feel free to start any page you want that has a topic you think is worth exploring individually. My view is that the sky is the limit with PW and we have enough room for just about anything Portland-related! -kotra (talk) 18:22, 25 January 2011 (PST)


  1. WYSIWYG (pronounced WIH-zee-wig) is an acronym for what you see is what you get.

Need left aligned paragrah

Hey guys,

I edited the main page, but there was some code there to left align, probably as TOC. Anyway, I wiped it out, and I need it for an image on the Theological Locations pgge. Before I add the pic for the Church of Elvis ;-)

Event Calendar default to Occupy as lead

Much is happening besides the Occupy that the Occupy needs to know.

than is only one reason for not defaulting to the Occupy calendar.Why not go to a calendar page with a "suggested events" listing on the page as bullets and headings that reflect the Portland wiki brand?

For example, I am getting ready to flash out the mayoral race, which as many forums about town that were missed in calendaring. Even if the Portlandwiki is all Occupy all the time - we should be attending diligently to the mayoral race, as it will be pertinent.

Our market is more than Occupiers, and Occupiers are more than that; they are the 99%. Give 'em the info they need.

PDXsays (talk)11:35, 20 February 2012

PS flash out s/r flesh out

PDXsays (talk)11:37, 20 February 2012

Hi Teresa, I think you touch upon a great point: PortlandWiki is not just about Occupy Portland, and we should have a clear place in PortlandWiki for events that don't relate directly with Occupy. I do think the Occupy Portland Events page should only be about events relating to Occupy Portland (hence the name), but that's been the work of other people so I don't have any other thoughts about that. As for non-Occupy events, it would be great to have a calendar that encompasses them. I'm not sure what would be the best way to do that in PortlandWiki (we've tried a few other things in the past, which either fizzled or never really took off), and I certainly won't be able to take the lead on that project (due to time, not lack of interest!). But I welcome anyone else who wants to do so.

Whatever ends up being done with events, I think it should tie in somehow with the PortlandWiki:Current events page (even just a link on it).

kotra (talk)22:37, 22 February 2012

Kotra et al,

This became evident when I was over viewing to create a calendar for Mayoral forums and other events. I don't know how extensible that would be to other pertinent election events for community involvement with the election cycle in general, but I think it is important that we have that going on with the Portland wiki if at all possible.

I am hip deep this week, but would have more time nest week to begin work on such a project. As you know, the wiki Monday and Wednesdays are not generally held in locations where I can participate, due to the seating accommodating a disability. Thus, I am not able to participate at the level wiki community member with access to community as others are able. Help would be welcome.

PDXsays (talk)09:17, 23 February 2012

Sounds great! And no, we haven't been doing the Monday Meets for a while. Wednesdays have been at the Lucky Lab for a while, but we're having trouble with noise so we may be moving again.

kotra (talk)11:08, 23 February 2012

Our lil Portlandwiki is cited in Wikipedia for the LiUNA document!

see "external links" at bottom of article [1]

PDXsays (talk)12:14, 20 October 2011

You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason:

The action you have requested is limited to users in the group: Users.

You can view and copy the source of this page:

Return to Thread:User talk:PDXsays/Our lil Portlandwiki is cited in Wikipedia for the LiUNA document!/reply.


Use of term "Donate" for Occupy Portland

I have been advised that any group using "Donate" on a website can be construed as requiring 501(c)3 status, per a briefing by The Stumptown Syndicate on org types and people giving you money as a group (the geekiest of us know who they are). That means the IRS could do some not-so-nifty tax stuff based on the website if they so chose.

The work around is "Contribute"

We might want to firm that info up. The Movement has been loose about some fact checking.

PDXsays (talk)00:11, 11 October 2011

Sorry about the slow reply. I recall something about this being discussed on the OP mailing list (I think you brought it up), but I don't remember how it was resolved, or if it was at all. I notice still uses "Donate" as its wording so I am guessing they think it's ok? Not sure. Anyhow, IANAL but PortlandWiki is a separate entity from Occupy Portland so I doubt we could unintentionally get them into legal trouble with how we word links to their website; if that were the case then any 1%-owned website could put up a "Donate" link to them and get them into trouble with no action whatsoever on their part.

Either way, I don't think there's any problem with changing it to "contribute", if someone wants to do that.

kotra (talk)12:20, 20 October 2011

Sunny BirthPlace of the wiki photo on front page eats real estate

AAAIIIEEEE Godzilla VS Mothra VS Sunny BirthPlace

It is the photo that ate the room for featured articles!

Seriously, though, that is a ton of real estate with all the Occupy Portland things going down.

Can we size it back a bit?

Maybe use the Democracy in Action Portland Style pic? It is pretty relevant.

PDXsays (talk)12:25, 13 October 2011

Yeah, I agree it uses too much real estate. I've been wanting to change it to something shorter, but I haven't been able to find any freely licensed, good-quality, Portland-related images that have better dimensions than this one (shorter vertically and wider horizontally). It has to be wide enough to stretch the full 100% width on most displays, otherwise it creates white gaps to the left and right of it. If you know of any shorter/wider pictures that would be awesome. What's the Democracy in Action Portland Style pic? Do you have a link?

If we can't find an image with better dimensions then I guess we could split it up into columns and have the photo just take up half the page like we had before, but I personally don't think that looks as slick... it's a hard balance.

Eventually the whole PortlandWiki skin will be fixed-width so this problem won't exist anymore, but that may be a long way off...

kotra (talk)11:44, 20 October 2011

why did wikiMAster pull my articles

Hey Guys,

What was basis for pulling the half hour of work I did on both the complete contributions to Events under Occupy Portland and Feature articles on the front page?

PDXsays (talk)12:29, 13 October 2011

Hey Teresa: I moved one of your pages to here to fix a typo in the title. The changes you made to the front page contained formatting errors. Please give me time to correct the formatting errors and restore your edits.

WikiMaster (talk)12:35, 13 October 2011


PDXsays (talk)13:43, 13 October 2011

Let Me Fix It...

Hey Teresa: Let me fix what you were attempting to do on the front page. Good work on bringing attention to the Camp Adams Retreat!

WikiMaster (talk)12:30, 13 October 2011

Okeee... Don't forget the events page.. thanks for the help on this.

I have tow more articles I promised to build for the and about affiliated marches and demonstrations, as an FYI

PDXsays (talk)12:32, 13 October 2011

Sounds great!
HOWEVER! Please, please, please stay mindful of typos. I humbly ask that you...

  1. Run all titles to any new articles you create through spell check.
  2. Edit article titles for brevity.
WikiMaster (talk)13:09, 13 October 2011

OccupyPortland Banner is inaccurate - PLS EDIT STAT

Hi folks,

The Occupation does not begin at noon on Thursday. The march does.

The Occupation will begin after the march, at as yet undisclosed site.

I do not have the knowledge or possible the admin rights to make this edit. Is the banner under categories?

For added community value, we should be sure that what Newbies need to know for the march - like stay on sidewalk, or be arrests; if arrested, do not resist the cuffing and call your name out loud, then shut up - and for the Occupation - bring two mess kits, no paper plates; no structures and that means tents, tarps only, etc - be listed PROMINENTLY on the front page for the first week of occupation, with an updated stream of information.

Do we have a communications model? Is Burning Man is a good model for starts

PDXsays (talk)11:38, 5 October 2011

The "Occupation" wording in the sitenotice was based on the "Occupation" page on the official site, basically to mean that the entire "Occupy Portland" event/demonstration begins at 12pm at the waterfront. But I can see that that wording might be confused with the "full occupation" which begins after the march at an undisclosed location. So I went ahead and changed it to "Occupy Portland" which is a little less punchy but more accurate. If you need to make any other changes to it, the place to edit is MediaWiki:Sitenotice. As a general reminder to everyone who may read this, be extra careful with edits to that, as it's at the top of every single page of PortlandWiki.

I agree that a page like Occupy Portland - Behavior or Occupy Portland - Newbies would be good prominently linked at the top of the Occupy Portland page, for example: IMPORTANT: How to protect yourself and others

Is there a page that lists important guidelines like those you mentioned, so we can get the "expert" wording as I am not one and don't want to unintentionally mislead anyone?

Not sure what you mean by communications model so I will leave that to someone else to answer.

kotra (talk)12:23, 5 October 2011

feel free to make edits that you think better reflect reality.

12:37, 5 October 2011