2010 Technology Community Survey

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This survey was coordinated in May 2010 by Audrey Eschright and Eva Schweber. Silicon Florist covered the reasons for the survey here.

Some results:

667 people responded.

Median year of birth: 1956 (mean: 1972)

By gender:

  • 85% male
  • 12.3% female

(not all respondents answered)

77.5% were raised outside the Portland metro area.

67.5% currently live inside Portland city limits. 32.5% reported they do not.

Median personal income: $75,000 (mean: $79,758.35)

252 respondents listed their job role as including programming, software development, or a similar title. 68 were company owners, founders, or executives. 78 were in management roles.

Company size breakdown:

  • 17.6% sole proprietor
  • 13.2% <5 employees
  • 12.5% 5-15 employees
  • 6.7% 16-25 employees
  • 13.7% 25-100 employees
  • 36.3% 100+ employees

By sector:

  • 88.1% private companies
  • 9.2% nonprofits
  • 9% government

Technologies used:

Name % response
Objective C 14.3%
C/C++ 27.3%
HTML/CSS 73.8%
.NET 27.3%
.ASP 12.7%
Java 29.2%
PHP 33.9%
Ruby 26.4%
Python 26.6%
Perl 18.5%
Drupal 11.7%
Javascript 64.0%
Other 30.8%

Other responses: 3rd party APIs, ActionScript, Adobe Flex/FlashBuilder, Agda, Apache, Apex/visualforce, ArcGIS, ArcMap, Arduino, ARM assembly, assembly language, Balsamiq, bash, C#, Clearspace, Clojure, ColdFusion, Common Lisp, concrete5, Coq, Crystal Reports, DataFlex, DB2, Delphi, Django, Eclipse, Erdas Imagine, Erlang, ESB, Excel VBA, ExpressionEngine, Final Cut Pro, Firefox, Flash, Flash, Forth, Google Web Toolkit, Grails, GURU, Hadoop, Haskell, HLSL, IIS, Isabelle, IxD, Joomla, jQuery, JSP, LAMP, Linux, Lua, MATLAB, MediaWiki, MVC, MySQL, NHibernate, ocaml, Omega, OmniGraffle, Oracle, OWL, Pascal, Photoshop, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, Powerbuilder, Powershell, Prolog, Prolog, Pylons, R, Rails, RDF, REST, SAS, Scala, Scheme, Screenflow, search engines, Sharepoint, Silverlight, Sitecore, sketchflow, Smalltalk Fortress, Sound Track Pro, SQL, SQL Server, Stata, T-SQL, Tapestry, Tcl/expect, Tcl/tk, Thunderbird, Torah , UX, VB6, Verilog, Visual Foxpro, WCF, WebSphere, WF, whiteboards, Wordpress, WPF, XML, XSLT, Zope

General technology areas:

Type % response
Mobile 34.7%
Web 76.7%
Hardware 16.1%
Software 76.3%
Open Source 53.8%
Proprietary Software 51.7%
Geolocation 13.8%
Other 7.9%