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Broadway is a major arterial in Portland running through Southwest Portland, Northwest Portland and Northeast Portland. On the Westside it runs between SW 6th and SW Park, effectively taking the place of "7th Avenue". Broadway is an Avenue on the Westside, and a Street on the Eastside (with the distinction being that avenues run north-south and streets run east-west).

Southwest Broadway Avenue

The southern terminus of Broadway is just over I-405, where it merges into SW Arthur. After crossing I-405, the street runs past Portland State University, the Portland Center for the Performing Arts and Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, and Pioneer Courthouse Square before becoming Northwest Broadway as it crosses W. Burnside.

Northwest Broadway Avenue

After crossing Burnside, Broadway continues through Northwest Portland until it crosses over the Willamette River on the Broadway Bridge.

Northeast Broadway Street

After crossing onto the Eastside, Broadway runs north past the Rose Quarter and becomes a retail and dining district starting around NE 15th. As it enters Hollywood around NE 39th, Broadway becomes a much smaller street. It terminates around NE 72nd, where it becomes NE Jonesmore Street.