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There are two types of links in a wiki: internal links (also called "wikilinks") and external links. This page explains them and shows you how easy it is to create them.

Internal links (or "WikiLinks") explained

Internal links, also called "wikilinks" are basically the most important part of wikis! They are those blue texty things that let you go from one page to another. Like this li'l guy. Have you ever spent hours on Wikipedia clicking from article to article, learning all you ever wanted to know about early 20th century burlesque dancers? Me neither, but you get the idea. Links are important, because they could be the only way people will find pages.

It is ridiculously easy to add a link. If you know the title of the article, like "Portlandia", it's as simple as putting two pairs of square brackets (these guys: [[ ]], usually near your P key) around the title, like this: [[Portlandia]]. Try it and it will result in the following link: Portlandia.

Fancier linking

If you don't want to use the page title as the word you link, like: that huge bronze woman, it's as simple as using a bar symbol (this guy: |, usually on your \ key) between the page title and the linked text. Like this: [[Portlandia|that huge bronze woman]].

External links explained

Links to webpages outside of PortlandWiki and friendly wikis (see Special:Interwiki for a list of other sites that can be linked to using internal links) are called external links. They are a slightly lighter color and usually have an small blue icon next to them, like so: example

To make an external link, simply construct your link using one of the methods below:

syntax result
[] [1]
[ example] example (no square brackets at all)

Special external link icons

  • Wikipedia
    [,_Oregon Portland, Oregon] results in Portland, Oregon

If you would like to see links to another website have their own external link icons, kotra can assist.

External links