How to create a new Occupy Portland event

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So you want to create a new event. Great!

Here are some simple steps.

Log in or Create Account

Create an account with Portland Wiki by clicking on the "Log in/ Create account" link in the top right corner of your screen.

Add your event

If your event is coming up within the next week, go to the Current Events page. If your event is more than a week away, go to the Upcoming Events page.

Now click on the "Improve" tab near the search bar, this should make the page you are viewing editable. Scroll down and find where your event listing fits. (Look for the dates). Using other event names as a template, you can now add your event name to the list.

For example:

* [[Local Banks Occupy 04 November 2011]]
* [[Anti Coal Zombies 31 October 2011]]
* [[Occupy Into Action 30 October 2011]]

After you've typed in your event name onto the page in the correct format, including the date, scroll down and click "Save Page". Here, you can also add a short "summary" of what you have edited to help keep the site organized. After clicking save, your event will be added to the appropriate section of the Occupy Portland Events page. You should now see your event link colored in red. This link will take you to your new event page so that you can add details or edit it.

Add details or edit your event page

Now you can add the details to your event page. An easy way to add basic information is to "copy" and "paste" the entire template below into your page and then fill in your information. (More at Template:Occupy Portland Event )

{{Occupy Portland Event
| event name =  My Event! 30 August 2012
| page = My event! 30 August 2012
| date = August 30th, 2012
| time = Midnight
| location = 555 My Location Street, PDX
| purpose =  Some details should be added here, but keep in mind, short and sweet works best!
| image = Image add details below [[File:Join the revolution 2.jpg | thumb | right | Bank crime shouldn't pay.]] 
| other details = Here you can add more details for your event.
| link to more info = add a link to your website or facebook event page
| categories = Simply change the categories in this template [[Category:Bike Swarm]] [[Category:Occupy Portland Events]] [[Category:Protests]] 

Keep in mind that if you add the category "Occupy Portland Events", Occupy, Portland, and Events will all automatically be added as separate categories, so you don't have to add them twice.

Add an image

To add an image, first upload it to PortlandWiki. Then, using the image template [[File:Join the revolution 2.jpg | thumb | right | Bank crime shouldn't pay.]], you can now change the image name by erasing "Join the revolution 2.jpg" and replacing it with the file name given to you after upload. You can also add text under the photo by replacing "Bank crime shouldn't pay." with whatever text you would like to be displayed under your photo.

Click "Save" and you're done!