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The MAX (Metropolitan Area eXpress) is the city's light-rail train system, operated by TriMet. The system is popularly considered to have four different lines (the Blue, the Red, the Yellow, and the Green), although TriMet considers the system to have five as it counts the Blue Line as two different lines.[1] (Citation to come.)

Socially the MAX can sometimes be uncomfortable but rarely threatening.

The Blue Line runs east and west from Hillsboro and Beaverton, through downtown, all the way to Gresham. Trains run "every 15 minutes or better most of the day, every day. Service is less frequent in the early morning, mid-day and evening."

The Red Line starts at Beaverton, runs on the same path as the Blue Line through downtown east to "Gateway" at 99th Avenue, then turns north for service to Portland International Airport.

The Yellow Line runs mainly north and south, connecting the Portland Expo Center in north Kenton (close to the Columbia River to downtown and its terminus at Portland State University.

The Green Line starts at Clackamas Town Center, runs north beside Interstate 205 to "Gateway" at 99th Avenue, turns west towards downtown on the same path as the Blue and Red lines, then also terminates at Portland State University.

All four lines converge at two points (although not at the same stations): at the Rose Quarter, and at Pioneer Courthouse Square. All four lines cross the Willamette River on the Steel Bridge. The fifth Orange Line to run from Union Station south to Milwaukie is currently under construction.


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