Move Our Money City Hall - 16 November 2011

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Move City Money Local!



Take the Bank Transfer Day concept to City Hall! Help convince local leaders to move Portland's money out of the Wall Street banks and bring it home. In the long term a Municipal or State Bank might be the best institution, in the meantime: why not a credit union or local community bank?

Other details
Todd Olson of Oregon Move Our Money will address the City Council with the following demands:

  1. That they immediately move as much of the city's money as possible out of Wells Fargo and Bank of America and into local credit unions and banks who serve the interests of the 99%;
  2. That they direct the city's chief financial officer to publish a summary of the city's current and projected cash deposits, debts, and contracts with all banks and financial institutions as soon as possible;
  3. That they schedule a public hearing as soon as possible to address questions and hear proposals regarding the city's banking relationships and policies.

This will be a fun, positive action, and all the rest of us have to do is show up!

  • 9AM - Meetup at City Hall
  • 9:30AM - City Council Meeting
  • 10-10:30AM - Victory!
  • ACTION: Very Important! Council hearing on police oversight, Wed. 11/16, 2 PM Please plan on attending!

The event will surely attract media attention and put the city council on the spot. Pundits and politicians have been asking for demands from the Occupy movement so let's give them one. ( Note: No signs bigger than an 8.5x11 are likely to be allowed in the chambers. Small signs, Occupy and 99% t-shirts, buttons, etc. are encouraged but not necessary. Just being there is enough! )