Event Name / Date Conventions

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Event page names usually take the format: Short_Event_Name_Month_Day_Year

Hey Mark,

We might want to think through the date format in the event titles. I don't have any great ideas at this moment, but definitely lean towards a fuller date format that includes the actual name of the month. Will try to explain later.


WikiMaster (talk)21:26, 7 November 2011

Dave, I agree - I am not a fan of all number date format. I personally like day - month - year, i.e. 07 November 2011. I think Ios or Tiff made up this format - would be good to check in with them. Best, Mark

MarkDilley21:33, 7 November 2011


Funny thing is that I like exactly the same date format that you show in your reply. Thought I'd be pushing it too hard to ask for that.

Also agree with you that we probably want to let Tiff and los drive the decision on this, perhaps after a brief reminder about the Internationalization, SEO, etc benefits of the longer alpha-numeric format.

Kind regards,

WikiMaster (talk)07:58, 8 November 2011

It was I :)

I'm not attached to the particular format. I just wanted to use something I thought most people would be familiar with already. I was worried that non-standard ( for Americans, at least ) order of month, day, or year could be confusing. Having a "name of month", though clears that up that concern for me. ( And I do like that it matches the time-stamp applied on the wiki talk pages... )

How should already existing events be handled to make this happen?

Ios (talk)11:00, 8 November 2011

We can either move forward with new format and not worry about past events - or we can simply move them to the new page.  :-) Best,

MarkDilley17:13, 8 November 2011