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I'm going to be in a meeting with representatives from Working America during your meetup (3:00 p.m. Friday, 28 October 2011, Terry Schrunk Plaza). Judging from the conversations and planning sessions I've participated in so far -- including one last night attended by both union officials and leadership from several political and activist organizations -- there is a great deal of interest in supporting the "Occupy Movement" in any way possible. Indeed, many are seeing Occupy as a movement now. I'm sure you've encountered very similar experiences in all the work you've involved yourself in over the past several weeks.

I'll try to pull together a detailed synopsis of my recent activities along these lines. It'd be nice if you, Sylvia and others you're working closely with could do the same, and we can combine all available data into coherent analysis of where things stand right now. Let's make this general strike for real.


Dave Myers (talk)11:53, 28 October 2011