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BarCamp 2013 schedule (click to enlarge)

BarCamp is an annual relaxed, friendly, free, geeky unconference. In Portland the most recent event took place on Friday March 29th & Saturday March 30th, 2013. Traditionally BarCamp takes place at First Unitarian Church's Eliot Center.

BarCamp 7

According to a woman eating a too-spicy meal and attending her first BarCamp in 2013, the 2013 BarCamp (Friday March 29th & Saturday March 30th, 2013) is the 7th in a series. She could not confirm if all seven events took place over a 7 year span. But according to Melissa Chavez, the communications chair for BarCamp 7, all seven Portland BarCamps took place over seven consecutive years.

BarCamp 5

More discussion than can possibly be heard by any one person. Click image to enlarge

At BarCamp 5 (on Friday, May 20th & Saturday, May 21st, 2011), a great session about PortlandWiki was held by our own Matthew Spellman. But as any BarCamp attendee knows, every single session had great conversation and was a learning experience (see picture listing all sessions). Great geeky friendly energy all around. Also delicious food from Nicholas Restaurant, somehow plentiful enough for over a hundred ravenous nerds.