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* Time System: [[Metric Time]]
* Time System: [[Metric Time]]

== [[Cascadia subduction zone|Cascadia Subduction Zone]] ==
== '''[ Cascadia Subduction Zone]''' ==
[[File:Cascadia map.jpg|right]]
[[File:Cascadia map.jpg|right]]
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'''[[Cascadia subduction zone|Continue reading >>>]]'''

[ The Cascadia Subduction Zone] stretches from northern Vancouver Island to northern California. It is a very long sloping fault that separates the [ Juan de Fuca plate] and [ North America plates].
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[ The Cascadia Subduction Zone Quake] will generate two Tsunami waves, one propagating towards the coast, and the other towards the deep ocean [ and Hawaii].
It will take only minutes to reach the coasts of Oregon, Washington, southern British Columbia, and northern California with wave heights reaching close to 12m (~36ft) in some scenarios.
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== References ==
* [ Cascadia Institute]
* [ Cascadia Institute]
* [ Sightline Institute]
* [ Sightline Institute]
* [[wikipedia:Cascadia (independence movement)|Cascadia on Wikipedia]]
* [[wikipedia:Cascadia (independence movement)|Cascadia on Wikipedia]]
<References />
== References ==


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This Republic of Cascadia flag is one of many.
File:Flag of Cascadia.svg
Cascadian flag, designed in 1995 by Alexander Baretich

Cascadia is a proposed independent nation in the Pacific Northwest, usually composed of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, that would be formed by seceding from the United States (and Canada).

Water and Forests

According to Sightline Institute "Cascadia is defined by water and forests: it encompasses all of the watersheds whose rivers flow through the temperate rainforests on the northwest Pacific coast."[1]

Statistics of the Republic of Cascadia[2]:

  • Name: The Republic of Cascadia (long form), Cascadia (short form)
  • Capital: Cascadia
  • Area: 855,762 sq km
  • Population: 14,220,981 (2005 est)
  • GDP: US$323 billion (1996 est)
  • Language: Cascadese (a dialect of English)
  • Time System: Metric Time

Cascadia Subduction Zone

{{#section:Cascadia subduction zone|Cascadia subduction zone intro}} Continue reading >>>

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