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CivicApps is a open data / open source project sponsored by several Portland-area government agencies. Currently over 100 civic data sets are available, including geographic, 911, transit, streets, and parks data.

Data Wishlist

More data will be available in the future. Some things we might like to see are:

  • Street sweeping schedules; the City has only 3 sweepers for all of the residential streets in Portland, and strives to cover the entire City twice, maybe three times a year. This prevents the City from publishing a reliable schedule. The upcoming work to be performed is typically based on proximity to the current work being performed, so if the City were to use GPS technology to post where they are presently, one may infer the likelihood of service in their neighborhood. Other ideas?
  • DEQ data: pollution sources? hazard reports?
  • Garbage hauling schedules per hauler; given the popular need for these, the City of Portland is attempting to coordinate delivery of these by this fall for both garbage and recycling.
  • Willamette Bridges status, API query for Lowered, In-transition, Raised

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