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[[Image:Backspace-coffee.jpg|thumb|left|250px|Backspace Cafe]]
[[Image:Backspace-coffee.jpg|thumb|left|250px|right|Backspace Cafe]]
Portland rivals any city with its love of great coffee and tea. Many of the small, unique and popular coffee and tea shops in [[Stumptown]] have their own appeal with ardent coffee followers. At several local [[coffee]] roasters and bean importers you can learn how they roast their own quality beans.
Portland rivals any city with its love of great coffee and tea. Many of the small, unique and popular coffee and tea shops in [[Stumptown]] have their own appeal with ardent coffee followers. At several local [[coffee]] roasters and bean importers you can learn how they roast their own quality beans.

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Backspace Cafe

Portland rivals any city with its love of great coffee and tea. Many of the small, unique and popular coffee and tea shops in Stumptown have their own appeal with ardent coffee followers. At several local coffee roasters and bean importers you can learn how they roast their own quality beans.

Among the comfort amenities, you can often find free wifi at coffee businesses or you might be able to access a free wireless network through a nearby Personal Telco connection.

Please note: this list is in progress and not yet complete. In addition, businesses on West Burnside or East Burnside (the city's North-South divide) are categorized in a quadrant according to its address, i.e., even addresses typically lie North and West, and odd addresses typically lie South and East.

Your current information and notes on these shops are most welcome!

Sortable table
AJ Java 6425 N Albina Ave N (503) 285-1820
Acme Coffee Company 1431 SE 40th Ave SE
Albina Press 4637 N Albina Ave N
Albina Press 5012 SE Hawthorne Blvd SE
Aliviar Coffeehouse 1737 NE 42nd Avenue NE
Alma Chocolate 140 NE 28th Ave NE
Almost Normal Cafe 3445 NE Broadway NE (503) 281-1086
Anna Bananas 1214 NW 21st Ave NW
Anna Bananas 8716 N Lombard St N
Aria Caffe 10006 SW Canyon Rd SW (503) 297-5604
Artemis Cafe 1235 SE Division St SE (503) 230-8340
Backspace 115 NW 5th Ave NW
Bakery Bar 2935 NE Glisan St NE
Barista 539 NW 13th Ave NW
Baristadors 11136 SW Capitol Hwy SW
Bean and Tree Coffee House 315 SW Montgomery St Ste 200 SW (503) 274-2326
Bean Scene 9815 SW Capitol Hwy SW (503) 977-5108
Bipartisan Cafe 7901 SE Stark St SE
Black Cat Cafe, The 1203 NE Alberta St NE (503) 287-5908
Black Rock Coffee Bar 8128 SE Powell Blvd SE
Blackwood Cafe, The 445 NE 70th Ave NE
Blend Coffee Lounge 2710 N Killingsworth St N
Blue Gardenia 3747 N Mississippi Ave N
Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters 7901 SE 13th Ave SE
Boy Gorilla Coffee 1114 SE Clay St SE (503) 877-3242
Boyds Coffee 404 NW 11th Avenue NW (503) 226-2590
Broadway Coffee 1924 SW Broadway SW
Bubble Bubble Tea 4408 SE Woodstock Blvd SE (503) 771-0878
Bubble World Cafe 8305 SE Powell Blvd SE (503) 771-6060
Cacao Drink Chocolate 414 SW 13th Ave SW
Cacao Drink Chocolate 712 SW Salmon St SW
Cafe au Play 5633 SE Division St SE
Cafe Bleu 600 SW Morrison St SW (503) 242-2433
Cafe Cello 1023 SW Yamhill St SW (503) 227-0487
Cafe Velo 600 SW Pine St SW
Cafe Voila 901 SW Washington St SW (503) 595-5606
Caffe Brioso 3907 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd NE (503) 473-8650
Caffe D'Arte 1615 NE 15th Ave NE (503) 282-5339
Caffe Destino 1339 NE Fremont St NE (503) 284-9455
Caffe Nizza 820 SW 18th Ave SW
Caffe Umbria 303 NW 12th Ave NW
Caffe Viale 1001 SW 5th Ave SW (503) 222-5002
Cartola 2723 N 7th Ave N
Case Study Coffee 5347 NE Sandy Blvd NE
Cellar Door Coffee Roasters 2001 SE 11th Ave SE
Clearing Cafe, The 2772 NW Thurman St NW
Clinton Street Coffeehouse 2706 SE 26th Ave SE (503) 238-2547
Cloud Seven Cafe 901 NW 10th Ave NW (503) 336-1335
Coava Coffee Roasters 1300 SE Grand Ave SE
Coco Donuts 709 SW 17th Ave SW
Coffee Can Cafe 4926 SE Division St SE
Coffee Crutch Corp. 1023 SW Yamhill St SW (503) 227-0487
Coffee Drop, The 7900 SW Barbur Blvd SW (503) 477-9869
Coffee Lovers 4144 SE 60th SE
Coffee Plant 5911 SW Corbett Ave SW
Coffee Plant 724 SW Washington St SW (503) 295-1227
Coffee People 7000 NE Airport Way NE
Coffee Renaissance 10206 SW Park Way SW (503) 203-8533
Coffee, Tea, Etc. 10305 SW Park Way SW (503) 296-4948
Coffee Time 712 NW 21st Avenue NW
Coffeehouse-Five 740 N Killingsworth St N (503) 286-7125
Coffeehouse Northwest 1951 W Burnside St SW
Cofy Station 6400 N Interstate Ave N (503) 286-2120
Common Grounds Coffee House 4321 SE Hawthorne Blvd SE
Concordia Coffee House 2909 NE Alberta NE (503) 810-2279
Cooper's Coffee 6049 SE Stark St SE (503) 238-2120
Costello's Travel Caffe 2222 NE Broadway NE
Courier Coffee Roasters 923 SW Oak St SW
Cravin Raven Bakery 8339 SE 13th Avenue SE
Crema Coffee & Bakery SE 28th and Ankeny SE
Cup & Saucer Cafe 3000 NE Killingsworth NE (503) 287-4427
Cup & Saucer Cafe 3566 SE Hawthorne Blvd SE (503) 236-6001
Da-Pressed Coffee Cart SE 43rd and Belmont SE
Dogfeather's Coffee and Juice 4233 N. Mississippi at Skidmore N Food cart inside Mississippi Marketplace
Dragonfly Coffee House 2387 NW Thurman St NW
Dutch Bros. Coffee 514 SE Belmont SE
Dutch Bros. Coffee 13640 SE Division St SE
Dutch Bros. Coffee 8940 SW Hall Blvd SW
Dutch Bros. Coffee 11746 SW Pacific Hwy SW
Elevated Coffee 5261 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd NE (971) 255-1296
Emilie Dessert Cafe 8680 SW Canyon Rd SW
Espresso Giuseppe 925 SE 68th Ave SE (503) 381-3684
Extracto Coffeehouse 2921 NE Killingsworth St NE
Fat Straw 4258 SE Hawthorne Blvd SE
Fehrenbacher Hof 1225 SW 19th Avenue SW
First Cup Coffeehouse 4103 SE Woodstock Blvd SE
Flavour Spot 2310 N Lombard St N
Fleur De Lis Bakery & Cafe 3930 NE Hancock St NE
Florio Bakery 435 NE Rosa Parks Way NE
Floyd's Coffee Shop 118 NW Couch St NW
Floyd's Coffee Shop 1412 SE Morrison St SE
Flying Cat Coffee 3041 SE Division SE
Ford Food + Drink 2505 SE 11th SE (503) 236-3023
Foxfire Teas 2505 SE 11th Ave SE
Fresh Pot 4001 N Mississippi Avenue N
Fresh Pot 3729 SE Hawthorne Blvd SE
Fuel Cafe 1452 NE Alberta St NE (503) 335-3835
Full Life Coffee Shop 3331 NE Sandy Blvd NE
Gigibar 5941 SE Division St SE
Goldrush Coffee Bar 2601 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd NE
Grand Central Bakery & Cafe 714 N Fremont N (503) 546-5311
Grand Central Bakery & Cafe 1444 NE Weidler St NE
Great Waldo & Pepper, The 13515 SE McLoughlin Blvd SE (503) 513-4949
Green Beans Coffee and Tea 2327 E Burnside St SE (503) 234-8610
Grendel's Coffee House 729 E. Burnside SE
GrindHouse Coffee 1934 N Rosa Parks Way N
Guapo Comics and Coffee 6350 SE Foster Rd SE Great selection of comic books
Happy Sparrow Cafe 3001 SE Belmont St SE
Haven Coffee 3551 SE Division St SE
Hawthorne Coffee Market, The 3729 SE Hawthorne Blvd SE (503) 230-1222
Heart 2211 E Burnside SE
Hilltop Cafe 7320 SW Hunziker St SW (503) 726-7255
J Cafe 533 NE Holladay St NE
JaCiva's Bakery & Chocolate 4733 SE Hawthorne Blvd SE
James John Cafe 8527 N Lombard St N
Jazzcats Coffee Bar 1925 NE 42nd Ave NE (503) 249-0686
Java Jazz 5932 SE 92nd Ave SE (503) 771-0474
Java Man Coffee 518 SW Taylor St SW
Jazzcats Coffee Bar 1925 NE 42nd Ave NE (503) 249-0686
Jim & Patty's Cafe 4951 NE Fremont St NE
John's Coffee Shop 301 NW Broadway NW (503) 227-4611
Karma Cafe 8220 SE Harrison St SE
Ken's Artisan Bakery 338 NW 21st Ave NW
Kobos Coffee 2355 NW Vaughn St NW (503) 222-2302
Kobos Coffee 200 SW Market St SW (503) 221-0418
Laughing Planet Cafe 4405 SW Vermont St SW
Legare's 1532 SE Clinton St SE
Lents Commons 9201 SE Foster Rd SE (503) 505-9448
Lovecup 8235 SE 13th Ave SE
Lyrik 2035 SE 39th St SE
Marino Adriatic Cafe 4129 SE Division St SE (503) 231-1313
Meetro at King Albert, The 1809 SW 11th Ave SW (503) 725-4374
Mezz, The 1210 NW Couch NW Inside Whole Foods at corner of NW 12th/W Burnside, second floor
Mio Gelato 25 NW 11th Ave NW
Mio Gelato 838 NW 23rd Ave NW
Mio Gelato 1517 NE Brazee St NE
Mojo Cafe 3564 SE Powell Blvd SE Has drive thru
Mojo's Coffee Den 2816 SE Stark St SE
Monti's Cafe 8600 SE Stark St SE
Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe 6600 N Baltimore Ave N (503) 247-3448
Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe 526 NW 23rd Ave NW
Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe 608 SW Alder St SW
Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe 700 SW 5th Ave SW
Mr. French's 107 SE Washington St SE Very small shop with yummy baked goods.
Mr. Green Beans 3932 N Mississippi Ave N
Mr. Jolly's Coffee & Wine Bar 903 NW Everett St NW
Mudd Works Roastery 4237 SW Corbett Ave SW (503) 235-6833
Muddy's Coffeehouse 3560 N Mississippi Ave N (503) 445-6690
Munchkin Playland 18335 NW Union Rd NW (503) 533-5438
Nirvana Cafe 510 SE Morrison St SE (503) 232-0308
Nook Cafe 1524 NW 23rd NW
Nordstrom Coffee Window 701 SW Broadway SW
Nosh on Seventh 2030 SE 7th Ave SE
North Star Coffeehouse, The 7540 N Interstate Ave N
Oblique Coffee Roasters 3039 SE Stark St SE
Oui Presse 1740 SE Hawthorne Blvd SE
Palio Dessert House 1996 SE Ladd Ave SE (503) 232-9412 In Ladd's Addition across from the circle park.
Paradise Bakery and Cafe 1310 SW 3rd Ave SW (503) 222-5664
Pazzoria 621 SW Washington St SW
Pearl Bakery 102 NW 9th Ave NW
Peet's Coffee & Tea 1441 NE Broadway St NE (503) 493-0192
Peet's Coffee & Tea 3646 SE Hawthorne Blvd SE
Peet's Coffee & Tea 508 SW Broadway SW (503) 973-5540
Petite Provence 4834 SE Division SE
Pied Cow Coffeehouse 3244 SE Belmont St SE (503) 230-4866
Pier Coffee 600 NW Naito Pkwy NW (503) 224-9377
Posies Cafe 8208 N Denver Ave N (503) 289-1319
Primo Espresso 15981 SW Hall Blvd SW (503) 639-7746
Public Domain Coffee 603 SW Broadway SW
Random Order Coffeehouse & Bakery 1800 NE Alberta St NE
Ravens Roost Cafe 11121 SE Division St SE (503) 473-8013
Red and Black Cafe 400 SE 12th Ave SE (503) 231-3899 Vegan cafe
Red E Cafe 1006 N Killingsworth Ave N
Red Square Cafe 4505 SE Belmont St SE (503) 517-5700
Rimsky-Korsakoffee 707 SE 12th Ave SE (503) 232-2640
Ristretto Roasters 3520 NE 42nd Ave NE
Ristretto Roasters 3808 N Williams Ave N
Rocking Frog Cafe 2511 SE Belmont St SE
Ruby's Coffee Shop 35 NE 20th NE (503) 238-0871
Saint Honoré Boulangerie 2335 NW Thurman St NW
St. John's Coffee Roasters 7304 N Leavitt N (503) 445-2249
Schondecken Coffee Roasters 6720 SE 16th Avenue SE (503) 236-8234
Seattle's Best Coffee 932 SW 4th Ave SW
Seattle's Best Coffee 1742 SW 6th Ave SW (503) 274-9789
Seven Virtues 5936 NE Glisan St NE (503) 236-7763
Side Door, The 425 SE Washington St SE
Sisters Coffee Company 1235 NW Marshall St NW (971) 279-2957
Smith Tea Works 1626 NW Thurman St NW
SoTac Coffee and Cream 8235 SE 13th Ave SE (503) 232-2244
Sound Grounds 3711 SE Belmont St SE (503) 234-0915
Southeast Grind 1223 SE Powell Blvd SE The only 24 hour coffee shop in PDX
Sozo Coffee & Bubble Tea 8733 SE Division St SE
Space Monkey Coffee 5511 SE 72nd Ave SE (503) 772-3028
Speedboat Coffee 5115 SE Foster Road at 51st SE Yummy egg white, tomato and ham (optional) breakfast sandwiches on quinoa bagels.
Spella Cafe 520 SW 5th Ave SW
Spunky Monkey House of Coffee 35 NE 20th NE (503) 234-1600
Starbucks 1510 NE Broadway St NE (503) 249-0017
Starbucks 1102 NW Lovejoy St NW (503) 227-2724
Starbucks 1311 NW 23rd Ave NW (503) 227-2038
Starbucks 3275 NW 29th Ave NW
Starbucks 3639 SE Hawthorne Blvd SE (503) 234-1757
Starbucks 3623 SE Powell Blvd SE (503) 231-2543 Has drive thru
Starbucks 3930 SE Powell Blvd SE Inside Safeway market
Starbucks 601 SW Washington St SW (503) 916-8352
Starbucks 910 SW 2nd Ave SW (503) 274-0330
Starbucks 1211 SW 5th SW (503) 223-3066
Starbucks 7421 SW Barbur Blvd SW
Starbucks 7737 SW Capitol Hwy SW (503) 245-1961
Starbucks 7126 SW Hazelfern Rd SW (503) 620-0563
Starbucks 603 SW Jackson St SW (503) 227-2067
Starbucks 6080 SW Macadam Ave SW (503) 452-1517
Starbucks 13500 SW Pacific Hwy SW (503) 598-0638
Starbucks 1972 W Burnside St NW (503) 227-3008
Sterling Coffee Roasters 2120 NW Glisan St NW
Stumptown Annex 3352 SE Belmont Street SE
Stumptown Coffee Roasters 128 SW 3rd Ave SW
Stumptown Coffee Roasters 3356 SE Belmont St SE
Stumptown Coffee Roasters 4525 SE Division St SE
Stumptown Coffee Roasters 1022 SW Stark St SW (503) 224-9060
Sultan Cafe, The 1500 NW 18th Avenue NW
Sunny Day Coffee NW 23rd Ave NW (503) 888-2691
Sweetness Bakery and Cafe 3524 SE 52nd Ave SE
TJ's Xpress Inc 932-B N Whitaker Rd N (503) 286-9957
Tabor Space 5441 SE Belmont SE (503) 238-3904
Talking Drum Bookstore 446 NE Killingsworth St NE (503) 288-4070
Tao of Tea, The 3430 SE Belmont St SE
Tazza Cafe 4062 NW Saltzman Road NW (503) 533-9099
Tea Chai Te 734 NW 23rd Ave NW
Tea Lounge & Camellia Lounge 510 NW 11th Ave NW
Temptations Cafe 1130 NE Holladay St NE (503) 546-2550
Third Place Coffeehouse 1590 NE 172nd Ave NE (503) 256-9802
Three Friends Coffee House 201 SE 12th Ave SE
Three Lions Bakery 135 NW 5th Ave NW (503) 224-9039
Tiny's 1412 SE 12th Ave SE (503) 239-5859
Tiny's Cage 2031 NE M L King Blvd NE
Tonalli's Donuts & Cream 2805 NE Alberta St NE
Townshend's Alberta Street Teahouse 2223 NE Alberta St NE
True Brew 3370 SE Milwaukie Ave SE (503) 231-9992
Twin Paradox 8609 SE 17th Ave SE
Ugly Mug Coffeehouse 8017 SE 13th Ave SE
Urban Grind Coffeehouse 2214 NE Oregon St NE (503) 546-0649
Urban Grind Coffeehouse 911 NW 14th Ave NW
Utopia Cafe 3308 SE Belmont St SE
Village Coffee 7781 SW Capitol Hwy SW (503) 244-3954
Vivace Coffee House & Creperie 1400 NW 23rd Ave NW (503) 228-3667
Vivo Espresso 932 SE Morrison St SE
Warehouse Cafe 3434 SE Milwaukie Ave SE (503) 206-5766
Water Avenue Coffee 1028 SE Water Ave SE
Waypost, The 3120 N Williams Ave N
Wholesome Blends 4615 NE Sandy Blvd NE (503) 281-2579
Wired on Burnside 2190 W Burnside St NW
World Cup Coffee & Tea 1005 W Burnside St NW (503) 228-4651 Inside Powell's Books
World Cup Coffee & Tea House 1740 NW Glisan St NW

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