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1. Improve notification and discoverability of what's on city council meeting agendas.

2. Allow people to comment on upcoming agenda items.

3. Provide a way to track issues over time.


  • Dietrich Ayala (Mozilla)
  • Phillip Holmstrand (City of Portland)
  • Oscar Godson (City of Portland)


City of Portland data (all XML, not yet available)

  • meetings feed: A feed of city council meetings, each entry linking to the details of a given week's meeting. updated 4pm every Friday. eg: at 4pm Friday, the newest item in the feed will be the upcoming Monday meeting's agenda, and the previous Monday's meetings.
  • agenda feeds: The feed of items for a given meeting's agenda.
  • future discussion feed: A feed of general topics planned for discussion at future meetings.

Data storage and access

  • store agenda items in couchdb at
  • expose views for lists, searches
  • expose atom feeds for list and search results


  • web app for voting/commenting on individual agenda items
  • notifications via twitter: an account that updates when the new agenda is available, linking to input pages


  • Atom/RSS feeds of items on the upcoming meeting agenda
  • Atom/RSS feeds of keyword searches of upcoming meeting agenda
  • Twitter notifications of agenda publication


Public should be able to comment on each agenda item

Implementation approaches

  • each agenda item as a blog post w/ comments
  • Reddit style - each agenda item has up/down vote and comments


Long term project, low priority for now.

  • timestamp in video per item
  • what action was taken
  • tracking item relations for resolution
  • if an agenda item concerns previous agenda items, link it, and mechanically expose it

Council Meeting Data

Council meeting agendas contain the following high-level parts, each composed of individual agenda items.

  • communications to council: citizens have 3 minutes to talk about whatever they want
  • time-certain items (has owner, vote)
  • consent agenda - 100% covered unless pulled (has owner, vote)
  • regular agenda - mostly covered, can vote to address later (has owner, vote)

Agenda Items

  • agenda id
  • item id
    • need to make unique by compounding with date.
  • owner
    • commissioner in charge (multiple)
    • bureau involved (multiple)
  • description
  • emergency
  • session date
  • session location
  • yea/nea (including who went which way)
  • video link (to city web page, b/c video not available yet)
  • transcript link
  • document link
  • hashtags
  • associated item numbers