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main parts

  • communications to council - public vents
  • time-certain items (owner, vote)
  • consent agenda - 100% covered unless pulled (owner, vote)
  • regular agenda - mostly covered, can vote to address later (owner, vote)


  • item id (unique)
    • need to make unique by compounding with date.
  • owner
    • commissioner in charge (multiple)
    • bureau involved (multiple)
  • description
  • yea/nea (including who went which way)
  • video link
  • transcript link
  • hashtags
  • associated item numbers


  • feeds
  • searchable and as feeds


  • public comment per agenda item
    • blog post w/ comments


  • timestamp in video per item
  • what action was taken
  • tracking item relations for resolution
    • if id not unique, compound id+date
    • if an agenda item concerns previous agenda items, link it, and mechanically expose it