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Portland is well-known for its great neighborhoods, civic initiatives, transportation options, food choices and more. We thought we'd list other interesting facts that have helped make Portland a fun place to live!

  • Portland is the birth place of Wiki.
  • The rum and fruit juice drink mai tai was created in 1944 by Vic Bergeron, owner of Portland tiki bar and restaurant TraderVic's(2).
  • One of many Portland nicknames is Stumptown, named after the the City's quick and early growth when trees were cut but their stumps were often left in the middle of new streets. Local residents often jumped from stump to stump to make their way along muddy, unpaved streets.(1)(3)
  • "Portland is one of the few destinations outside of France where you can take your dog into pubs."(3)

Note: Sources for this list include PortlandWiki(1), Oregonian(2) and Portlanders blog(3).