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A Trimet hipster laughs at you for not respecting the ride. Photo by [http://www.flickr.com/photos/toddmecklem/5043408984/ Todd Mecklem
A hipster is a person who makes fun of hipsters.

After New York City, Portland contains the largest population of hipsters in the world.[1] Hipsters genuinely love anything indie or "quirky", and ironically love anything mainstream that stopped existing ten years ago. Hipsters very seriously take their fashion non-seriously. Hipsters are "impeccably dressed, mostly white, socio-economically mid-to-upper-mid range, "arty," if not quite artistic people".[2]

The people who have the most to say about hipsters invariably are hipsters themselves. If you have ever said "I'm not a hipster, but..." you are a hipster. Accept it.


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