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Add your photo creativity to the semantic web.


Join in its first annual Photo Contest!


On June 4th, from 9am-5pm, we will scour the city of Portland to capture photographically the latest and greatest it has to offer. From pictures of streets, to favorite local cocktails, help us show what our city can do.


Register as a competitor and upload a photo. Participating photos will be credited to you, and also be used to make a better wiki page. It will add value to the local wiki, and also visibility for your creativity.


Let's make the web be more local. Let's keep Portland Wiki!

More information:

The Portland Wiki Photo Contest is a one day event for contributors and visitors of, to take snapshots and photographs that can be used as support imagery for a page or topic on the wiki. The goal is to inspire civic activism and artistic expression by challenging participants to capture personal and/or original photography for use at PortlandWiki. Due to the size and depth of knowledge that this wiki strives to fill, there is always a need for image and photographic support PortlandWiki's vibrancy and unique contributions!

PortlandWiki participants who live in or near Portland are welcome to contribute their amateur or professional talent. Anyone with a cellphone or camera can take a photo to share. Together, there are no limits to how many photos and topics we can generate!

Details: Saturday, June 4th, 2011, from 9am-5pm

* How to Qualify: If you have a camera we invite you to join us for a one day Portland Wiki Photo Scavenger Hunt! To sign up, send an email to with your name and phone number. We'll confirm with you and provide additional details on uploading your images, plus we'll share with you the latest info on the scavenger hunt for prizes. Then on June 4th, PortlandWiki enthusiasts will roam Stumptown to take interesting and relevant photos. All photos must be date-stamped between 9am-5pm on June 4th to be eligible for prizes.

* Where: A voluntary kick-off will happen in the morning with a chance to check out the scavenger hunt prizes. We are also working on the possibility of t-shirts to hand out. More details to come!

* Who: Anyone is welcome to participate! Minors should have permission from a parent or guardian to participate.

*How to get started on PortlandWiki now: Check out some of the pages on PortlandWiki for ideas and topics that could use some photo or imagery links. We also encourage you to add existing information or start a new wiki page on a topic of your choosing. It's easy to do and we're here to help! You can create a login account or you can anonymously add and edit content to the site. To upload images to PortlandWiki, you will need to login as a contributor.