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One vision is for Piki to become a touchstone for building a Wiki community in Portland. To create a destination that works as a testimony for wikis. By and large most wiki's follow the wikipedia format, and Pwiki is the same. Wikipedia is actually only one platform, and that may change in the future. What is important, and what is being fostered here at Pwiki, is the contributor-culture which all wikis depend on.

Portland Connectivity

The most immediate, and obvious purpose of Piki, is to expose and promote knowledge, culture, business & recreation channels of the Portland and 4 county area. This is accomplished through the presentation of independent yet interconnected content. Content types include: events, editorial, journalism, analysis, and consulting.

Community Activism

Piki is uniquely powerful, because the content serves a specific physical space. Therefore, transitions from web to physicality is relevant and more practical. Venues and events listed in Piki therefore are more than likely accessible by those living in Portland.

Currently, Piki employs two meetups per week, each with its own set of particpants and location. The focus of which tend to be generalized.

In an effort to reinforce an active culture outside of the web experience, physical events are planned quarterly.

Contributor Society

All wikis ultimately are derived from the commitment, effort and energy of the contributors. Therefore at a core level, the wiki exists as a point of intersection for all those who participate in it. Currently that participation is limited to writing, editing, and meeting. Future possibilities include social networking, professional networking, freelancing, support and friendship.

Knowledge Entrepreneurship

Pikia, the newly suggested entrepreneurial arm of Pwiki, is one example of how Pwiki expands its creativity and ingenuity within the greater Knowledge Management market. At the core of Pwiki, and Pikia, is a belief that wikis are valid, useful, and worthy of commitment. This is a powerful viewpoint that spans not only