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PortlandWiki, the community-powered knowledge commons for Portland wants your opinion! So...

Fill Out the Survey

PortlandWiki runs on ideas and we need yours. We want to know what you think about the site so we improve and grow it collectively. The survey is anonymous and we estimate that it takes about seven minutes to complete. It is open to anyone who visits PortlandWiki and will run throughout August 2011.

All of Portland is waiting for you! Please invite your friends to take the survey, too.

All done?

Want to start building PortlandWiki and don't know how? Check out our to do list or the guide to editing.

Have a specific question? or contact a friendly administrator.[1]

Your anonymous answers will be posted here on PortlandWiki for all to learn from. If you want to be notified when the compiled survey results go public, you can subscribe to the PortlandWiki mailing list. Also, you can follow us at TwitterIcon.png@PortlandWiki or just watch this page for updates.


  1. Some say too friendly...