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Winning hearts and minds.
The Occupy Portland encampment is located at the Plaza Blocks Park. The Plaza Blocks are separated by SW Main Street, with Lownsdale Square on the north side and Chapman Square to the south. Both Plaza Blocks are bounded by Third and Fourth Avenues and Salmon and Madison Streets.


Please Come Pick Up Compost ASAP
Also Need 32 Gallon or Larger Garbage Cans for Sanitation

Items Wanted Quick List

Full List Here: Occupy Portland - Donations

  • On-site WiFi.
  • Tables, chairs.
  • On-site power. Preferably solar and/or wind.
Power & Connection Resources Currently On-Site
  • One on-site WiFi hotspot.
  • Other WiFi open hot spots from nearby restaurants and cafes; out of range of Chapman Square.
  • Intermittent WiFi hotspot provided by the court house.
  • Power generator available on-site (not solar).
  • Recharging station for laptops, mobile phones and other electronic devices on corner of SW Third & Fourth Avenues.

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