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Is REI on this list?

Michael (talk)01:34, 4 August 2012

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Is there a difference? REI just seems a lot bigger. That is my assumption.

Maybe REI is consumer owned.

I don't know. It would be helpful if you would research this, if you could, too! (:

Michael (talk)21:11, 10 August 2012

Both worker-owned and consumer cooperatives fall under the general "cooperative" category, but there clearly are differences between each. I've done some research on worker-owned cooperatives in Portland, and REI hasn't popped up. Maybe you could specifically look into the company and find out.

WikiMaster (talk)07:50, 11 August 2012

oy... maybe it would be helpful if I would research it. Wikipedia confirms that REI is a consumers' cooperative. Easy peasy. So is the one I had added to this article, People's Coop, so I've now removed it from this article. I'm expanding the existing article Cooperative business as a broader-level topic that encompasses all these types, and starting a new article called Consumers' cooperatives with REI and People's Coop as seed content. Thanks for adding it, Michael, and thanks for asking about it, Dave. If any of you would like to help add content to these articles that would be awesome!

kotra (talk)18:06, 15 August 2012

Good work, Kotra!

Michael, ironically I also discovered that REI is a consumer co-op earlier today (and not a worker-owned cooperative) by going into the REI store in the Pearl District and talking with one of the employees there, who also confirmed it by consulting with one of the store managers.

WikiMaster (talk)19:59, 15 August 2012

Good work. Thank you, both of you! (: Michael (talk) 10:17, 6 September 2012 (PDT)

Michael (talk)10:17, 6 September 2012