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High priority

  • main page reorganization/trimming/cosmetic
  • comments
    • basic functionality ready, need to style
  • "like"/star/thumbsup diffs/edits & leave comments
  • re-research WYSIWYG editor
  • fix create page button

Medium priority

  • skin
  • page of things people can do
  • contents?
  • create new page link
  • create new school/business/etc links
  • centralized discussion
  • easy monitoring of changes/wiki announcements
  • twitter feeds on main page
  • pushing to twitter/facebook
  • Google map extension - test and make button available
  • collapsible meta information
  • fix search truncation
  • better search engine (ex. mediawikiwiki:Extension:SphinxSearch, mediawikiwiki:Extension:Lucene-search
  • Dave: research Google Alerts for Portland-related pages on Wikipedia
  • post note on WikiProject Oregon mentioning PortlandWiki as a place to point editors who add content inappropriate for Wikipedia but not for PortlandWiki
  • automatic "related topics"/"related links"/"links on this page" box
  • authors list of every page
  • free SSL
  • homepage prettying (may go hand in hand with new skin)
  • opening up anonymous editing
  • "more information" box which links to the topic on Wikipedia, Yelp, Urbanspoon, etc.