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I'm an Executive Team Growth Coach for Family Businesses. What the heck does that mean?

You know how executives sometimes find they can't get away from the business as much as they'd like to spend time with their family?

What I do is coach executive teams on habits that drastically reduce the amount of time required to manage the business.

My unique approach combines the powerful Gazelles growth tools with my extensive experience facilitating enthusiastic alignment. My specialty is coaching family-owned and community-oriented businesses, focusing on the connections between thriving companies, communities, and families.

I have been facilitating groups for more than 20 years. A certified Gazelles International Coach, my holistic approach supports my commitment and practice: You can have it all: growing company, thriving family, and connected, healthy community.

I live in Portland, Oregon and also work with clients in the Detroit and Boston areas where my kids' grandparents live.