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Specialized design agency. A design boutique (also known as a design firm, design house) is similar to an ad agency in that it provides commercial communication services. Unlike an ad agency that serve to provide a complete array of services to a client, a design boutique will offer a limited more specialized offering.

Services they provide tend to depend entirely on what expertise they have to offer in their core team. There is a trend for design boutiques to provide branding, collateral, brochures, and other printed materials.

Portland Design Boutiques

Chockstone - Specializes in loyalty programs (discount member cards).

eROI - Specializes in email marketing and banner ads.

Naegeli Trial Technologies - Specialize in multimedia presentations for use in court trials.

Opus Creative - Specializes in interactive media

Stepchange - Specializes in social media

Typethink - Specializes in interactive media

Xplane - Specializes in illustration & information design

Ziba - Industrial Design