EPIC Rally for Housing Justice!

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EPIC Rally for Housing Justice! - Friday - July 20, 2012


Former mayoral candidate, Cameron Whitten, on day 18 of his hunger strike to raise awareness of the plight of Portland's homeless community.


Lack of Affordable Housing is a State of Emergency!

There are an estimated 2,000 People sleeping on the streets on an average night in Portland.

There are an estimated 5,000 who experience homelessness, whether in shelters, couch surfing, sleeping in cars, in transitional housing, or etc.

Other details
50 Day Anniversary of Cameron Whitten's Hunger Strike at City Hall - http://www.facebook.com/cameronswhitten

Rally begins @ City Hall, entrance on 4th Ave.

@ 5:30 PM: We will be linking arms around City Hall to sing a song of Unity.

Lack of Affordable Housing is a State of Emergency!

Join us as we assemble to demonstrate our support of creating a more expansive plan to provide livable options for People of all income levels in Portland.

Check out the dialogue happening in others parts of the nation!

It's not about free camping for vagabonds, proponents say; public forum set for July
Judge says it doesn't violate Constitution
San Francisco Lawmakers Take Aim At Tax Break
Lack of Affordable Housing is a State of Emergency!

To sign up to be a speaker at this event, email: certifiedoregonic@riseup.n?et


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