East 28th Avenue

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East 28th Avenue is a north-south avenue that exists in several fragments between its northernmost point of NE Holman Street and its southernmost point where it turns into SE Bybee Boulevard. Like most avenues, Burnside divides it into a north and south portion.

Northeast 28th Avenue

From Burnside, NE 28th crosses Sullivan's Gulch and continues to NE Klickitat before terminating. It resumes for a very short block just north of Fremont, and fully continues at the top of the Alameda Ridge at NE Alameda Street, where it continues as a residential street until it intersects with NE Holman.

Southeast 28th Avenue

From Burnside, SE 28th takes a slight jog at SE Stark and runs down to Hawthorne Boulevard. The street resumes at Clinton and continues down to just past the Eastmoreland Golf Club, where it becomes SE Bybee.

28 Feast

The portion of 28th that runs between SE Stark and Sandy Boulevard is a business district populated with many small bars and restaurants. Banners along this stretch of the street proclaim it to be "28 Feast". This district is part of the East Burnside Business Association.