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Join a group of people interested in discussion a General Strike in Portland, in response to the police and state actions against #OccupyOakland (Proposed name, edit as necessary - naming is important in Wiki and so is BeingBold with editing here)

Idea#1 People are one with each other as humanity on Earth.

Idea#2 The rules are clearly laid out in All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten

Idea#3 Your ideas here!

Idea#4 A General Strike

http://bit.ly/RiseOfThePlanetOfThePeople is critiquing that this movement needs more organizers. One of the skills MarkDilley has is that of an InternalOrganizer. Trusting people you are working with is crucial - can people agree to play by Idea#1, Idea#2 and Idea#3 - and truset we will work through any disagreements.

The first event to publicly organize for is http://bit.ly/GeneralStrike02November2011 to say no to the system of violence that the City of Oakland operated by. We will not stand for it!

(We can assess how well we were able to publicly work together after that)

The first meeting is suggested to be Friday 28 October 2011 at 3PM in the Occupy Portland Amphitheater where we will decide if we have a proposal for the General Assembly (GA).

Let us work together on a wiki, as forums, email lists, Facebook and twitter are good for somethings, but do you think you could build Wikipedia on a f@#cking email list, Twitter, Facebook, IRC or forums? :-) No - Wikipedia is build on a Wiki - there is a whole culture that forms when the data and publishing are completely open to everyone, like the Occupy Movement. (There are some parts of Wikipedia culture to emulate and some not - a favored culture to look to is TheWikiWay.)

We need to use a public language to build quickly for an event in 5 days. We can easily do it on a wiki and PortlandWiki is where we are located right now. http://bit.ly/OccupyPortlandWiki

These bit.ly's being used are a 'bludgeony' way to create a LinkLanguage so we can easily share a common language. It is organic and messy, just like the Occupy movement. We are learning together - which is a great model for humanity - and a lesson we have to constantly remind ourselves of.


  • Who?
  • What?
  • Why?
  • When?

What does one do on a General Strike? Some ideas:

  • Crowd the downtown area
  • Not shop on the day
  • Not buy anything on the day
  • Meet together to do things / talk / eat together.
  • Get PortaPoties for the day
  • Invite people to self organize for the day, publicly here on the wiki (and whatever places they use to communicate)

Tunisia's IUF-affiliated food and tourism union FGAT-UGTT has called a sector-wide general strike in hotels and travel agencies November 1, and is requesting global support.

Collaborators: MarkDilley

LinkLanguage to get directly to this page: http://bit.ly/OccupyPortlandGeneralStrike]