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[Please note: This press release should be considered a working draft, and has not been distributed to any media outlets as of Oct 1, 2011. Consensus has not yet been reached on content and manner of distribution.
11:25, 9 October 2011 (PDT) UPDATE: Is there a "final" version of the press release shown below?

At noon on Thursday, October 6, concerned citizens of Portland, Oregon will begin demonstrating in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City. Portland will join a rapidly growing number of U.S. cities whose citizens will no longer sit by and watch passively as powerful special interests commandeer our government for the benefit of the few.

In the tradition of the Public Square, and in full exercise of our constitutionally guaranteed rights of free speech and assembly, we, the assembled participants of Occupy Portland, will select and occupy an appropriate public space within Portland city limits to use as a central location for meeting, planning, raising awareness, and establishing goals and demands in an open, democratic and participatory forum.

The first planned event will be a march through downtown Portland at 12pm on October 6, beginning in SW Waterfront Park across the street from the firehouse between Ash and Ankeny. Over the course of this event and in the days that follow we will be acting in accordance with principles of mutual respect and non-violent conflict resolution, as practiced by the participants of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration and similar demonstrations worldwide.

The exact location of the ongoing occupation will be announced one hour prior to the march. All are welcome and encouraged to join.

For more information or to donate money, food, or services to the movement, please visit www.OccupyPortland.org. ____