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Find out why many Portlandians think Portland's Living Room is the bomb!

Pioneer Courthouse Square is a public square in Downtown Portland that is bounded by SW Broadway on the west, SW Morrison on the north, SW 6th on the south, and SW Yamhill on the east. Its nickname is "Portland's Living Room". The square takes its name from Pioneer Courthouse, which is located directly across SW 6th Avenue.


Previous to the square's opening in 1984, the block had been a parking garage for Meier and Frank.[1] Before that, it had been the site of the Portland Hotel.

Dave Chappelle made a surprise appearance at the square in July, 2009.[2] Thousands of people packed the square.

Portland's Living Room

Pioneer Courthouse Square is a great place to watch people. During there summer there are concerts, movies and other events.

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  1. A Square Was Born
  2. Thousands flock to Pioneer Courthouse Square to see Dave Chappelle
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